Realize our oneness with God and each other

One Reality, One Humanity, Converging Paths

September 10, 2011
(UPDATED with audio from the conference)
A special day-long exploration and celebration of the commonalities among the world's religions. A journey of discovery toward the idea that the same, single Reality is shared by all.

Registration fee of $20 includes buffet lunch, coffee and snacks, and all conference materials.

Sponsored by Unity Church of Hawai‘i and the All Believers Network. For more information or to volunteer to help with the conference, contact Saleem Ahmed by email or call (808) 371-9360.

Download or listen to the conference (audio only, MP3 files)
» Play/Download Hour 1
(Welcome-Rev. Sky St. John, Preamble on interfaith conversations-Sr. Joan Chatfield, Exploring the One Reality-Saleem Ahmed, Discussion)

» Play/Download Hour 2
(Rituals of Passage-Ramdas Lamb, Sacred Foods-Irene Matsumoto, Miracles Everywhere-James Frankel)

» Play/Download panel presentation
(D.P.S. Bhawuk, Gregg Kinkley, Joan Chatfield, Saleem Ahmed)

» Play/Download presentation by Dr. Zafar Mahmood (Interfaith Conversation in India)

» Play/Download breakout group reports and conclusion of session.


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  1. Yes, please register me for the One Reality Conference.

    Thank you.

    Julia Ishado

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