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Do Greater Things

Sunday, April 15:

Rev. Mindy Tucker explored the transformation that can occur for us when we follow Jesus' example. Concentrating on the first chapter of Do Greater Things: Following in Jesus' Footsteps, Mindy spoke to the power of vision:

  1. To act as a catalyst for growth, expansion, and evolution
  2. To endure beyond the originator
  3. To transcend individual beliefs and be universal in nature.

To use vision as a spiritual practice, we can begin by:

  1. Denying the power of any limiting beliefs, any fears, or any negative messages that we may have heard about ourselves or our vision.
  2. Affirming the perfect outworking of our clearly defined vision; and
  3. Standing in full authority and take right action.

We affirmed: I commit to living a vision for myself that frees me to do greater things!

Watch Mindy's talk on our YouTube channel.


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  1. Reverend Mindy,
    I have listened to Do Greater Things about 10 times. I like the inspiration while I am getting ready for work in the morning.Your message is such an inspiration. I am practicing the practical tasks you set before us and they are already making a difference in my life in ways that I find it difficult to describe.

    I have seen and listened to you on DVD and podcasts over the years and watching you grow and blossom in your ministry is the greatest testament to the truth you teach.

    Thank you so much for continuing to teach and to share.

  2. Dear Mindy,

    Your sermon, "Do Greater Things" was both enjoyable and inspiring. It was helpful to me to learn more clearly how to let go of all impediments and negative messages to my spiritual growth and development and to stand in my authority in order to realize a vision of myself doing greater things thereby fulfilling the purpose for which I am here. I am taking these ideas into my prayer and meditation practice as I trust God to help me to see how I can put these ideas into practice in my life and in my relationships with all others.

    Thank You,


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