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Unity in the international arena

Unity Church of Hawai‘i is the hub for the new Pacific Rim region of Unity Worldwide Ministries. The region includes Unity ministries Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Chile as well as those throughout the Hawaiian islands. And Rev. Sky St. John recently was named the Worldwide Support Coordinator for Unity Worldwide Ministries.

Our activities here are part of Unity's worldwide reach. Here's more on how Unity Worldwide Ministries and its Worldwide Support Program are dedicated to developing Unity students, leaders, groups, local associations and national schools worldwide:

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  1. I live in Misawa, Japan and I attend Unity Church of Hawii on the web with Rev. Sky St. John. I former attended Unity of Omaha from 1987 as a Sunday School teacher, etc. There is no Unity Church here, so I am thnakful for the Unity Churches that have services available on the internet.

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