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Making Peace with Your Past

June 17, 2012

Rev. Sky St. John led us in a Father's Day journey into our subconscious, which is programmed to remember the patterns of our past. While this comes in handy for day to day tasks like driving a car, it can become painful when we live our present life as if it were reliving the past.

We have an amazing power within us by the virtue of the presence of God, and we must exercise our choice to release this presence and live in the right now moment - for here is the only place we will find happiness. The only good we ever experience is the good in this moment. The way to get into the present is to:

0) Breathe.
2) Set our intention to be in the present moment. It is the law of Love that we have whatever we desire.
3) Decide not to give our power away to any feelings or thoughts that have been carried over from the past.
4) Decide to release your feelings. When you bury your feelings, you bury them alive, and they will find a way to escape.
5) Pay attention. Notice when you are drifting into a pattern from your past, and
6) Breathe.

If we feel the pain brought on by programming from the past, Rev. Sky reminded us that God is close to the brokenhearted, and rescues those whose feelings are crushed. We can feel this rescue, through the conscious decision to forgive.

Watch Sky's talk on our YouTube channel.


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