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Town Hall Meeting, April 13

Led by Jade Guess, current Secretary of the Board of Trustees, the town hall meeting was well attended, and served to answer many of the questions regarding the transition process and the search for a new lead minister. Read more…

Volunteer Opportunities

Mahalo to all those who are coming in to support the office staff!!
Current volunteer opportunities include Saturday Morning Gift Transporter, Uniteens Volunteer, Sound Engineer, and Camera Operators. Read More…

Easter Egg Hunt Urgent Request: “Stuffings”

Help us delight the children on Easter Sunday. Please contribute small treats, trinkets, coins – whatever you think will delight a young child. Deadline for drop-off is 5pm Thursday April 17th. Egg stuffing will be in Youth Education Office on the 19th at 5 pm.

The Nehemiah Corner

Owning “our” campus projects with love offerings by Tithing our Time, Talent & Treasure. We are overjoyed to receive your extraordinary love offerings that are above and beyond your ordinary tithe. Read more about projects we’re working on…

Introducing ‘Ōpu‘u

With the restoration of the pond and fountain complete and the water once more habitable by fish and turtles, the pre-school has donated a handsome turtle and guppies to the pond.

Friendly Hearts Outreach

On Saturday March 8, we were pleased to have two youngsters join us on our visit to Maunalani Nursing and Rehab Center. Everyone (the Friendly Hearts group, the residents and the staff) were thrilled by the inclusion of children—something we’d like to continue.

  • Our New Facilities Manager – Marty Ferguson
    A familiar face on our campus, Marty has an extensive background in “fixing things.” From electrical work and carpentry to tiling and roofing, he is a jack-of-all-trades and, as he says, the “master of many.” Already we are reaping the benefits of his expertise!
  • Annual Congregation Meeting:
    Election of New Board Members

    We are pleased to announce the re-election of Jade Guess and Francine Kaiona to the Board of Trustees. A new Board member, Michael Avery, will join them at their next meeting when new Board officers will be elected. We extend our gratitude to Rick Schmidt, Susan Waldman and Jerry Denton, for their willingness to serve on the Board, and their invaluable contributions to the Unity Church of Hawaii and we honor their presence within the community.
  • Olelo Broadcasting of Unity Services
    In 2014, Sunday services will be broadcast the following week on Thursdays at 8:30 pm (Channel 55) and Saturdays at 5:00 pm (Channel 55). This schedule starts on Thursday January 9 with the broadcast of the Sunday December 29th service.
  • Fountain Fund
    Our cup runneth over, but our fountain needs some love and attention. If you would like to contribute to restoring the beauty of our campus we would greatly appreciate it!