Realize our oneness with God and each other

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Wednesday Night Sacred Service

Our weekly Wednesday service is a powerful opportunity for healing and personal spiritual connection with the divine. It is a chance to be present with a group of kindred spirits affirming our oneness, wholeness and connection with all that is.

Time of Prayer

Wednesdays, Noon, Chapel
This is another prayer and meditation gathering, a 30-minute, mid-week interlude to be in the Presence of Spirit in community.

Conversations That Matter

Join sound educator and celestial musician, Leigh Ann Phillips, as she offers an experiential evening, explaining how we make the choices we do. She will be playing and demonstrating the Quartz Crystal Mandala Bowls.

Radical Prosperity Continues

Radical Prosperity continues with further discussion from Rev. Jack of God’s blessings for a prosperous, abundant and Spirit filled life. For the convenience of our online members and viewers, this class WILL be live streamed.

Unity All Believers Interfaith Ministry (UABIM)

Hawaiian Spirituality and Laws of the Land
with Kauila Clark

Experience traditional Hawaiian music and dance while learning about Hawaiian customs and faith with May’s UABIM presentation spotlighting Hawaiian Spirituality and culture.

Pranic Healing Clinic

Powerful No-Touch Healing
Come experience the loving energy!! Pranic Healing® is a powerful system of no-touch energy healing. Our Pranic Healing Practitioners will provide personalized sessions to cleanse and revitalize you.

  • Super Secret Spiritual Movie Night
    Spend your Friday evening with us! Locke has picked out the perfect Spiritual movie that not only engages the senses but increases your Spiritual knowledge as well. Discussion and Q & A Session Afterwards.
  • UBID Luncheon Mixer
    Financial Management to Improve Performance & Profitability with Joseph Burns The Unity Businesses in Diamond Head (UBID) Ministry is committed to providing our members with the highest quality of business services, education and networking opportunities. Read more...
  • Conversations That Matter
    Constellations refer to how you stand in relationship to others -- to people, situations, objects and more. Come experience how through bringing to surface your subconscious beliefs and patterns, you may shift and heal not only yourself, but your entire family system.
  • UCoH Gospel Choir!
    Tuesdays, 7pm, Room 201 Give spirit,  power and Aloha to our Sunday morning worship through music. Join the UCoH Music Ministry and be part of the gospel choir.
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
    Emotional Freedom Techniques is an amazing tool that combines acupressure with psychotherapy. By learning simple techniques you can effectively release old patterns that keep you "stuck", relieve pain, and more!
  • Board of Trustees Meeting
    Members are welcome to attend and observe the monthly Board of Trustees meeting.
  • ‘Ohana Movie Night – Interstellar
    In Earth's future, a global crop blight and second Dust Bowl are slowly rendering the planet uninhabitable. Professor Brand, a brilliant NASA physicist, is working on plans to save mankind by transporting Earth's population to a new home.