The next Community Talk forum will be Sunday, October 8, 2017, at 1 pm, in the Chapel.

Have a question for the Board of Trustees and think others would benefit from the answer?  Do you desire clarification on a specific item presented at Town Hall or the Board Meeting?  Is there a buzz around the community and you want the facts?  Do you have a suggestion that you believe would benefit the community as a whole?  Then Community Talk is the resource for you.  Community Talk is a quarterly meeting open to the congregation and is another forum that allows your voice to be heard.  We are committed to open communication and welcome your feedback.  You may submit your item below and one of our team members will go to work to deliver a timely answer to both you and the community.  Results that are not confidential in nature will be posted here and may be discussed at the next Community Talk forum.  Your name will be included in the response.

This quarter's Community Talk will address:

Six Critical Questions - from Patrick Lencioni / Table Group 

1- Why do we exist?  2- How do we behave? 3- What do we do? What business are we in? 4- How will we succeed? 5- What is most important right now? (In 3 to 12 months) 6- Who must do what?