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  1. Aloha!

    Your message brings so much Joy and so many Blesssings!

    The chant was PERFECT for today. Our MUSIC TEACHER at gatheringplace, a program for adults with developmental and other disabilities in Port Townsend, WA, tuned in today for the first time online. She just called me to say she heard our names being announced about the dog biscuits for your lucky dogs! Hoper they loved them! Plus she said she was going to teach the Thank You Chant to our music class using our drum! I am so thrilled.

    She is also starting to teach Hawaiian chants to the Sunfield Waldorf School 8th graders(her daughter is a student in the class). The wealth of information about the benefits of chant that Sky gave, is going to be an immense help, she can explain it all to the head teacher and students. Their class is going to Maui at the end of May for a graduation trip. She, Kris, is an accomplished Hula dancer and knows some of the lanugage.

    God spoke loudly to me this morning, He said I should email Kris to watch online!
    What a blessing to us all,
    Linda, Bob and Megan
    PS Megan clapped as she heard our names being said at the 9 am service!
    So looking forward to our visit there on June 2.

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