Realize our oneness with God and each other

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Ongoing Church Events

Ho‘opono, Meal Prep, 11am, Kitchen
Ho‘opono, Meal Service, 5pm, Queen's Surf Beach
CODA Meeting, 6pm, Peace Chapel
AA Meeting, 6:30 pm, Courtyard

Bereavement Circle, 10am, Rm 204
AA for Women, 5:30pm, Rm 204
AA for Men, 8pm, Rm 204
Pranic Healing Clinic, 4th week, 6pm, Chapel
Conversations that Matter, 1st & 3rd week, 6:30pm, Chapel

Toastmasters, 7:30am, Rm 201
Gregory House Meal Prep, 1:30pm, Kitchen
Prayer, Meditation & Healing Service, 7pm, Chapel
AA Meeting, 8pm, Lanai

Debtors Anonymous, 6:30pm, Rm 204
Emotional Freedom Technique, 1st week, 7:30pm Peace Chapel
AA Meeting, 8pm, Lanai

AlAnon, 10am, Rm 201
CODA Meeting, 6:30pm, Rm 204
‘Ohana Movie Night, 2nd week, 7pm, Chapel
Spiritual Movie Night, 4th week, 7pm, Chapel

Yoga with Michael, 8am, Rm 201
Friendly Hearts Outreach, 2nd week, 9am, Chapel

Sunday Services: 8am, 9:30am, & 11:15am
Sukyo Mahikari, 1st week,, 8:30am, Courtyard
Morning Meditation, 10:45am, Peace Chapel
Youth Education, 11am, Education Bldg
A Course in Miracles, 1pm, Rm 204
New Mind, New Reality, 2:30pm, Rm 204
Sant Mat Meditation, 5pm, Rm 204

Coming to Unity

Time of Prayer

Wednesday, May 27 | 12:00pm

Wednesdays, Noon, Chapel
This is another prayer and meditation gathering, a 30-minute, mid-week interlude to be in the Presence of Spirit in community.

Unity Gets Fit

Wednesday, May 27 | 5:30pm

with Jenni Matheson
Join Jenni Matheson in the Unity garden to enjoy a three-week fitness class together as a Spiritual ‘Ohana This fitness class is cardio-based total body conditioning program, resulting in caloric burn, a more efficient metabolism and results.

Wednesday Night Sacred Service

Wednesday, May 27 | 7:00pm

Our weekly Wednesday service is a powerful opportunity for healing and personal spiritual connection with the divine. It is a chance to be present with a group of kindred spirits affirming our oneness, wholeness and connection with all that is.

God and Money – Radical Prosperity Continues

Thursday, May 28 | 6:30pm

How to Have SURPLUS Instead of Shortage
Be sure to attend this session and learn from Rev. Jack how to work with the STUFF that will make you rich in every way. Good Health, Joy, Love, Success, Prosperity, Good Fortune and more MONEY!

Spiritual Movie Night

Friday, May 29 | 7:00pm

“Harry’s Last Lecture on a Meaningful Life”
Given by Oprah Winfrey at Stanford University

During this speech, Oprah provided insights and keys to living your best life and why having a spiritual practice is important.