Realize our oneness with God and each other

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Ongoing Church Events

Ho‘opono, Meal Prep, 11am, Kitchen
Ho‘opono, Meal Service, 5pm, Queen's Surf Beach
CODA Meeting, 6pm, Peace Chapel
AA Meeting, 6:30 pm, Courtyard

Bereavement Circle, 10am, Rm 204
AA for Women, 5:30pm, Rm 204
AA for Men, 8pm, Rm 204
Pranic Healing Clinic, 4th week, 6pm, Chapel
Conversations that Matter, 1st & 3rd week, 6:30pm, Chapel

Toastmasters, 7:30am, Rm 201
Gregory House Meal Prep, 1:30pm, Kitchen
Prayer, Meditation & Healing Service, 7pm, Chapel
AA Meeting, 8pm, Lanai

Debtors Anonymous, 6:30pm, Rm 204
Emotional Freedom Technique, 1st week, 7:30pm Peace Chapel
AA Meeting, 8pm, Lanai

AlAnon, 10am, Rm 201
CODA Meeting, 6:30pm, Rm 204
‘Ohana Movie Night, 2nd week, 7pm, Chapel
Spiritual Movie Night, 4th week, 7pm, Chapel

Yoga with Michael, 8am, Rm 201
Friendly Hearts Outreach, 2nd week, 9am, Chapel

Sunday Services: 8am, 9:30am, & 11:15am
Sukyo Mahikari, 1st week,, 8:30am, Courtyard
Morning Meditation, 10:45am, Peace Chapel
Youth Education, 11am, Education Bldg
A Course in Miracles, 1pm, Rm 204
New Mind, New Reality, 2:30pm, Rm 204
Sant Mat Meditation, 5pm, Rm 204

Coming to Unity

A Course in Miracles

Wednesday, July 30 | 11:30am

New Study Group at Windward Unity
Wednesdays, 11:30am – 1pm
Come join this on-going group with an “open sharing” format and reading of A Course in Miracles

Wednesday Night Sacred Service

Wednesday, July 30 | 7:00pm

Our weekly Wednesday service is a powerful opportunity for healing and personal spiritual connection with the divine. It is a chance to be present with a group of kindred spirits affirming our oneness, wholeness and connection with all that is.

Monthly Board Meeting

Thursday, July 31 | 6:30pm

Please note change of date and time
An excellent way to stay in touch with the church’s operations with reports from our interim minister, board and staff members, as well as pastoral interns. You are always invited to attend the open session.

Finding Meaning, Purpose and Happiness

Saturday, August 2 | 10:00am

Workshop Facilitated by Benny Silverman
An introduction and advanced overview of A Course in Miracles, with a focus on finding happiness in knowing our purpose and function—the meaning of life.

Conversations That Matter

Tuesday, August 5 | 6:00pm

Being Uniquely YOU
Facilitated by Shelley Vecchitto
This is a powerful topic and a wonderful opportunity for participants to explore what makes us special.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Thursday, August 7 | 6:00pm

Transform your life with Rev. Helen Bressler
EFT is an amazing tool that combines acupressure with psychotherapy, often referred to as “energy psychology.” By learning simple techniques, you can effectively release old patterns that keep you “stuck,”,…

Friendly Hearts Outreach

Sunday, August 10 | 9:00am

Sing, celebrate and spend time with our seniors in local retirement homes.
No experience is necessary, just a friendly heart! Come brighten the day in someone’s life.

Interfaith Workshop

Monday, September 1 | 9:00am

Exploring the Converging Paths of Religion
Monday, September 1, 9 am-4:30 pm.
Join the Steering Committee to plan the International Faith Conference scheduled for May 23-25, 2015.