Realize our oneness with God and each other

In Love & Celebration of the Life of Rev. Sky St John

Rev. Sky Liko St. John
December 15, 1948 - December 19, 2013

Our beloved lead minister, Rev. Sky St. John moved to the next chapter of life Thursday afternoon, December 19, 2013, returning to the formless presence of Love and Spirit.  In the midst of our grieving this unexpected loss, we affirm the truth that we know:  when we live the lessons Sky taught us, we honor the gift of his presence in our lives.

On January 25 2014, a memorial service was held at the Central Union Church Parish Hall. The service was also livestreamed so our larger congregation and his many friends on the mainland and around the world could join with us in honoring Rev. Sky.  The livestream was also broadcast at our own Unity Church of Hawaii Chapel.

The DVD of Rev. Sky’s Celebration of Life is now available every Sunday at Connection Central.   Because of the length of the wonderful service, it is uploaded in  six segments to YouTube.  YouTube Links:

Part 1      Part 2      Part 3      Part 4      Part 5       Part 6

On the Unity Village Web Site, there is an article about Rev. Sky's passing:

Donations in Rev. Skyʻs memory may be made to Unity Church of Hawaii, either by check, cash or via our website.  If you use the website, please designate your contribution to: Rev. Sky Memorial Fund.

Sky reminded us:

Love transforms.  It transforms everything, all the time.
Life is change.  If we resist change, we are resisting LIFE!
Sky often said about the voice of guidance and Godʻs presence within, “I donʻt have to like it, God just said I had to show up.”

May the gifts you have received from knowing Rev. Sky be fully unwrapped in this season of joy, his favorite time of the year.  Remember the words of this song were his deepest intention:
This is my desire, to honor you.  God, with my heart, I worship you.  All I have within me, I give you praise.  All that I adore is in you.
Rev. Sky has reached the oneness with God for which he longed.

In our December 22 service, Margie Hyatt described Rev. Sky's transition and presented a photographic tribute in which Sky sings his composition, "You're Being Born.".  Watch Video...

Chaplains are here to assist the community in their journey through grief and bereavement with prayer, meditation and sacred space.  Our Peace Chapel is always open during our normal church office hours.  You can also call the local Dial-a-Prayer line at 734-1977 and Silent Unity at 800-669-7729.  Prayer requests can be placed in the Chapel Prayer Box and will be held in prayer for thirty days.

Unity Church of Hawaii also offers a Bereavement circle led by Charmagne Kimhan, LCSW, of Bristol Hospice every Tuesday at 10 am in Room 204.

About Rev. Sky St. John

Sky St. John returned to Hawaii and Unity Church of Hawaii in July 2005, and we were grateful for his return!

Many people already knew Sky, because he spent the majority of his adult life in Honolulu where he was a public school teacher for thirteen years before answering the call to become a Unity minister.

Sky also had a successful entertainment career, performing at the Hilton Hawaiian Village for fifteen years and producing several professional recordings. He became a Registered Nurse and worked for two years in the last existing leper colony in the United States, on the island of Molokai. After teaching nursing at the college level, Sky formed a nursing education company called "Operation Nightingale," training international nurses from all over the world.

He held degrees in education, communications, nursing, with graduate work in Health Education and was A.B.D. (all but dissertation) for a Doctorate in Public Health. He was the builder and owner of a bed-and-breakfast on the Big Island of Hawaii until his call into ministry, in 1994.

Graduating from Unity Seminary in 1995, he worked as a Minister in the Retreat Department at Unity Village for two years. During that time, he was also the Music Director for the first Unity World Conference and traveled throughout the country presenting workshops, concerts and Sunday services. Sky then spent the next five years in Omaha, Nebraska as the minister at Unity Church of Omaha, where they grew from a congregation of fifty to nearly five hundred. Their stated mission was: to realize our oneness with God and each other, and this is still a mantra for Sky.





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Unity and Christianity

A special three-part series exploring Unity's focus on love, compassion, and connection with God. Presented in January 2007.

AUDIO: In an introduction to his message on the metaphysics of judgment, Sky explains the central message of his series on Christianity, specifically on heaven, hell, and judgment day: (1:00)
Play Sky's Introduction to the series
Sky's lesson on Judgment (24 min, 9.7MB)
Sky's lesson on Heaven and Hell (26 min, 10.7MB)
Sky's first lesson in the series (30 min, 11MB)

» Read "A Unity Christian Creed" prepared by Sky

A Special Presentation:

Coming Home

The journey home to spirit, portrayed in words and music. This special presentation is based on the workshop designed by Sky and presented throughout the nation.
Play/Download Podcast (37 min., 13.6 MB)

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  1. Thank you Skye for your generosity of spirit, your life is an inspiration to all.

  2. For that last couple years, Sky's sermon have been my Monday morning routine via podcast. Oh how I love a good sermon. And Sky always delivered. His personality, ability to love, and humor always shines through. I am sending love to all his friends and family. May we all be blessed to be such a bright light as he is ! Thank you Unity of Hawaii for sharing your message on podcast. I know your virtual congregation must be great in numbers and we are very grateful

  3. My partner John DeNio and I had the great pleasure of attending Unity of Hawaii many times during our travels to Hawaii. We met Rev. Sky first at the church in 2006 and were awash in his positive glowing presence. We loved every service we attended each and every time we returned. This past year we were fortunate enough to attend the Easter Service. Both John and I have talked many times about how inspirational and beautiful that event was. It truly was the most overwhelming Easter Service either of us had ever attended. We felt and still feel so blessed to have been there on that special day. Now I am overcome with the great loss to Hawaii and to Unity for his leaving us so soon. I am truly comforted knowing that he touched everyone he met through a heartfelt connection. We send our prayers and sincere sympathy to your community. Everyone we met there was tuly outstanding and he was a very special ambassador for you. Sincerely yours, James D. Felter & John DeNio - Scottsdale, Arizona

  4. What a fortunate person am I...
    To have been “awakened” by the Spirit working though Sky St. John.
    What a fortunate person am I...
    To have had such an incredible mentor who always called me to be the best I could be.
    How fortunate am I to have been an intern at Unity Church of Hawaii.
    How fortunate am I!
    I will miss you Sky in the physical form, but I know you are always with me in Spirit.
    How fortunate am I!

  5. I am so thankful for the generosity of spirit of Rev. St. John. When I lived on the island of Trinidad, I would often have Church with him every Monday afternoon -- anxiously awaiting the availability of his podcasts. He helped to deliver me through some very dark times in my life and shed light on those dark places. I will miss his laugh/chuckle and am sorry that I did not have an opportunity to see those smiling eyes in person. I stand with his congregration and affirm with them a peace that passeth all understanding as you adjust to his absence. Peace I give to you, Peace I leave with you.

  6. I attended Unity at Diamond Head when I lived in Honolulu in the 1980's and have always returned to this lovely "church without walls" while vacationing here, (or to be more precise, when I came "home"!). This beautiful little church was not only my place of worship and source of joy, but also the place where my godchild was baptized, and a place that I shared with many family and friends. I returned to Honolulu last Saturday 1/11, really excited to be back and looking forward to attending Unity and hearing the amazing Rev. Sky again. Then as I sat in church on Sunday and read the bulletin---I was shocked and saddened to hear of his transition. Margie's message was so perfect in every way...we are only walking around in our "caterpillar" state for a short time, and then we become "butterflied" and once again return to our "home". I know Rev. Sky has returned to his true home, but I feel such a loss that I will never again hear him say The Lord's Prayer in Hawaiian on Aloha Sunday...and I will miss his beautiful smile and huge heart...and I will miss his warm hugs. On his blog a few years ago he mentioned a line from a Fred Small song, "and the only measure of the life that you live will be the love you leave behind when you're gone". I am sure that is very true...and I know that Rev. Sky has left us all with Love that we simply can not measure.

  7. I met Rev. Sky only once and just last year (2013). I very much enjoyed the messages offered during the Sunday service I attended. Sky was warm, loving and engaging. I was very saddened to hear of his loss. My heart goes out to his family and friends (of which I am sure there are many), with my sincerest condolences. He seemed a wonderful man and I am happy that I had the opportunity to meet him!!!

  8. I've had the blessing of listening to Sky St. John's sermons via podcasts for more than a year. His creative & dynamic message delivery often infused my Monday night Organic soup cooking routine allowing me to savor Spirits sweet message throughout the week. In fact, I've never really felt interested in visiting Hawaii till I found such rich culture and deep spiritual sense through the Aloha Sunday sermons. Reading about Sky's life, and thinking about other great world leaders that made their transition around that time, I am honored to be inspired by Sky's genuine life of service. It's not enough to just speak the truth, we're here on this planet to embody and live the Truth. Thanks Sky for being a beacon of Authentic Light & Love and calling that same greatness forth in countless individuals worldwide. The light of God surrounds you, the Love of God enfolds you, the power of God is with you, the presence of God watches over you. Wherever you are God is, and all is well.
    Sat Nam dear Brother.

  9. Sky was my uncle, and I would like to say thank you to you all for the heart-warming, kind, and caring comments on this site. Sky was a true inspiration to me, and his passing hurt me badly. However it eases my pain knowing he was a positive force for good in so many peoples' lives. Thank you, again, from the bottom of my healing heart.

    With love,

    John Dickson

  10. Sky... Guess I won't have to wait until the holidays to see you. You are everywhere now. Your welcoming warmth, insight, openness and respect were always generously extended and greatly appreciated. You touched so many lives in a beautiful way. Such a bright light!


  11. There are no words to express the hurt and pain of loss. I shall forever be grateful to have been in the presence of God's Glorious Creation, Rev. Sky St. John, in all of his Genius Talents; music, singing, composition, sermons, and life lessons. Sky had the amazing ability to truly connect with everyone he came in contact with; be it a smile and eyes that shined, a simple greeting of Aloha and a hug, a Sunday sermon, or a one to one heartfelt talk. As busy as he was and I mean Ultimate Multi Tasker, he always found time to 'just be' with you. Accomplishing what amounts to what one would hope to accomplish in many lifetimes, Sky was a Gift to all of us from the Divine Spirit as His messenger. When Sky spoke to you, you were truly in the company of God's spirit - Pure Love. He made the all-important eye to eye and spirit to spirit contact with you. This is why we all love him so and miss him - it is like a connection to God has been taken away. For all my life, I shall miss your earthly presence but your legacy shall live on in all you taught and whom you've touched, and in our hearts and minds. Your spirit shall live on forever as we each remember and share the message of Love and Life you so generously showered on us all! I love you Rev. Sky! Me Ke Aloha Pumehana! Mahalo Nui Loa! Aloha No Au Ia 'Oe!

  12. Thank you for your kindness and giving spirit. You are a bright light that will glow forever in our hearts. Your words and song were true gifts of inspiration. While you were up in Heaven, we celebrated your wonderful life down here on earth. Thank you Rev. Sky, for your wonderful gifts you bestowed on us all!

  13. Aloha,
    As I have focused on attending an International Fellowship here in Sweden where I currently live, I have not watched the Unity service since Rev. Sky's French inspired and warm hearted message two months ago. I am shocked to learn these news today but grateful to have known him during my stay 2010-12. May he always be remembered for his unique contribution that in so many ways created what Unity Hawaii stands for.
    Light and Blessings,

  14. Sky to me was such a Gentle Spirit I sit here with tears rolling down my eyes thinking about Him. I met Him at a retreat at Asilomar and at Unity in Rancho Cordova ca. We love Hawaii and go to Kauai once a year. I thought of stopping off to visit His church in Diamond Head many times. he truly was a light in this world. love never ends.And Sky was truly love. rest in peace my friend.

  15. I was and am still in amazement that I can't listen to a new podcast from Rev Sky every week which were such a blessing to me and made me laugh, cry and most of all touched my heart in a deep way. He gave so much love through his presence and words and songs and I love him so much!
    Love to you Rev Sky and Your family and friends,

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