You are invited to participate July 14th thru August 25th to:

• Read The I of the Storm by Gary Simmons • Repeat your weekly affirmations, post your affirmation card • Participate in a weekly study group • Attend Sunday services and celebration • Be open to opportunities to step into the I of the Storm

Our 7–week series is a sacred journey into the unlimited possibilities that occur when we realize that no one is against us. We will embrace our wonderful Unity book, The I of the Storm, and we will go deeply into our personal experience of nonresistance and peacemaking. Each Sunday we will focus our week on tools and principle of peacemaking so that we might expand our abilities to be the voice and life of God expressing through us. You are invited to become aware of your wholeness by participating in this small group Homestudy. You are encouraged to live the life of God, right here, right now. You are called to deepen and expand your awareness of communion and nonresistance in your daily life experience.

Gary Simmons, author of The I of the Storm, leads us gently through all the parts of ourselves that have created the perception of conflict. Through this book, we can develop the understanding and the practices that will allow us to find the peace and calm in any storm. Conflict will become the sea of possibilities for intimacy and connection.

When we choose to make a commitment, whether to ourselves, to another, or to our church, we step closer to our ultimate commitment: an alliance with God, our Source. Just imagine the people in this spiritual community focusing all our attention and our sacred intentions on deepening our connection to God through nonresistance and peacemaking, gathering in small groups, and celebrating the spiritual center that is in each one of us!

The magical part of this spiritually enriching book study program includes the deep sense of community, connection, and family that develops in our small groups. Each week we have the opportunity to share our individual insights and experiences from the previous week’s readings and practices. As we explore The I of the Storm together we will develop amazing friendships and spiritual connections that will radiate into our Center and into our communities.

(Book sold separately.  Link to purchase the book online or by phone provided below.)

Registration for the book study is FULL.

Study Group Materials (Click Below):