Unity touches many lives, not only with its Sunday church services, but also with its programs.  Consider the following ministries and services, supported by this Church, resulting in thousands of lives being touched over the years:

  • Unity Preschool (Educating 95 Keiki/day)
  • Bristol Hospice (Bereavement Ministry)
  • Prison Ministry (Providing Daily Word)
  • A Course in Miracles
  • Wednesday Prayer and Meditation
  • Institute for Human Services Ministry
  • 12 Step Programs (Four On-Campus)
  • Spiritual Education and Enrichment Classes
  • Counseling and Wellness Services
  • Ho’opono (Feeding of Honolulu’s hungry)
  • Interfaith Ministry (Honoring the Many Connected Paths to God)

Through these programs, we can see that Unity Church of Hawai’i is changing lives for the better.  Our teachings and heart-felt acceptance by the community opens hearts and minds and helps people grow and thrive.  Unity is also making a positive difference as it becomes a spiritual gathering place for global visitors both physically and virtually.

As Unity makes its deep and profound transformation into a living, spiritual community, it has chosen to invest in its healing and growth.  This has included bringing: 1) Dr. Nicholas Griffin in February-March as Interim Minister, 2) Rev. Cynthia Vermillion-Foster and Rev. Doug Duerr from Unity Worldwide Ministries for administrative consultation, 3) Gregory Rouillard for six weeks to partner with us in healing and community transformation, and 4) Rev. Denese as our current transition minister.  All these investments increased our expenditures by $40,000.

As we celebrate Unity Church of Hawai’i’s 82nd Anniversary in October, we initiated a Matching Funds Campaign to raise this $82,000 and put our ministry on a sound financial basis for future. Funds raised from the Board of Trustees and Cornerstone Members, raised over one-half of this amount. We are creating a “Double the Difference You Make” matching fund, so that any amount you give will be matched one-on-one from this Matching Fund. If you give $100 it will be matched to $200; $1,000 to $2,000.

This special donation can be made in a single payment or spread over several payments during the remainder of 2019, if that would work better for you.

Together with love and generosity, we keep the inspiration flowing; allowing our lives and the lives of the many who value what we do here to continue to flourish.