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Guilty as Charged?

This Sunday, July 20

Nicholas Griffin, Ph.D.

Many folk have been brought up in an atmosphere of universal guilt, perhaps because of religious belief. Is this necessary or healthy, or may we celebrate our lives more freely and joyously?

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    The 10% Solution!

    July 13

    Dr. Nicholas leads us on a tour of tithing, from ancient times to modern spiritual principles. Through some wonderful stories, he demonstrates how we can give–out of the abundance of life itself.

    Free! …to What?

    July 6
    Dr. Griffin explores visions of freedom from Moses to St. Paul to the founding fathers of the U.S., to Martin Luther King. All of them saw that what we do with freedom is what matters.

    Another Way!

    June 29
    “E hua ‘iika maka o ka ihe.”
    “Break off the point of the spear.”
    Jesus and others have shown that non-resistance is an option for us to pursue in the face of aggression and the desire to retaliate with force.

    Victim … or Victor?

    June 22
    We have all had experiences that led us to feel like victims. But Nicholas demonstrated that we don’t have to be victims…


    June 8
    What is your credo, your heart-felt statement of beliefs that you can really pin your hopes on?

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Stacie Caires – Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Stacie Caires brings the audience to its feet at this February 2014 service.

Alison Aldcroft & Alex Lanning – You Are The Light

Alison Aldcroft and her daughter, Alex Lanning sing this rousing song at the Sunday Celebration Service.


Love Everybody in the World

Sunday September 8
Andrew Sakaguchi performs “Love Everybody in the World”


Lovely Hula Hands

On the June 2013 Aloha Sunday, Nicole Nakamatsu and Charles Degala graced us with a performance of “Lovely Hula Hands.” See the video…


If Not For You

Sunday, November 6, 2011:
In celebration of Veterans’ Day, Rev. Sky St. John honors service and those who have committed their talents, abilities, hearts, and sometimes their lives for a better nation and world.

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