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The Sweet Life: Part III

Sunday, April 26

In weeks past, Rev. Jack introduced the concept of the S.W.E.E.T life, the first key being the Spiritual component, the second the W.O.W factor. This Sunday, he continues the message with another secret to this prosperous life. Can you guess what it is?

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    The Sweet Life: Part II

    April 19
    Last week Rev. Jack introduced the concept of the sweet life, the first key being the Spiritual component. This Sunday, he continues the dialogue with another secret to the sweet life — one that you may have never considered!

    The Secret to Living a Sweet Life

    April 12
    Rev. Jack discusses the secret to a life that is plentiful in Divine opportunities, abundant in love and prosperity, and expresses all good things- the sweet life!

    The Christ Consciousness Lives in Each of Us

    April 5
    Rev. Jack tells us that the bottom line message of Easter is that we have the power to rise up out of any tomb, any situation of life that we find ourselves in. And that we can ascend into a higher level of our spiritual awareness of our oneness with God.

    The Secret to Living Life Victoriously

    Sunday, March 29
    Referred to as Palm Sunday, we remember the “triumphal entry” of Jesus into Jerusalem. Palm branches were laid on the road as Jesus rode the donkey into the city and it also marked the fulfillment of the Prophet Daniel’s “seventy sevens” prophecy.

    Play It Forward

    March 22
    We’ve all heard the expression “pay it forward”. This Sunday Rev. Jack will introduce us to the expression “play it forward” and how it allows us to dance with the idea that rather than a payment, life calls for us to play with the energy of the universe to actively engage the law of giving and receiving.

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