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The Dream

Sunday, January 18

Rev. Dr. Jack L. Bomar

What is your dream for your life, community and this world? How close have you come to achieving these goals? This week Rev. Jack Bomar speaks on the powerful message delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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    The Game of Life: How to Play it

    Sunday, February 1

    Rev. Dr. Jack L. Bomar

    During this Superbowl Sunday message, Rev. Bomar speaks on the spiritual laws of abundance, attraction, and manifestation and how the correct application of these laws can bring forth amazing results in life.

    The Power of a Made-up Mind

    Sunday, January 25

    Rev. Dr. Jack L. Bomar

    During this Aloha Sunday message, Rev. Bomar reminds us of the power of the mind and the synergy of an intention. The Infinite sets into motion those events that will bring into manifestation the desires of the heart, and all of creation starts to work toward that goal.

    An Open Heaven

    Sunday, January 11

    Rev. Dr. Jack L. Bomar

    In Unity we understand “heaven” to be a state of consciousness, an experience we may choose every moment, every day. Learn how to be open to the experience of God consciousness, here and now present.

    It’s A New Day

    Sunday, January 4, 2015

    Rev. Jack launches 2015 with an examination of Faith. He tells us that every day is a new day and a new beginning. And we can call on the power of Faith to help us manifest our dreams in 2015.

    The Gifts of Christmas: Love

    Sunday, December 28
    In the final talk of a four part series, Rev. Jack talks about how Love can be the unifying force in our lives. The four Christmas messages from Rev. Dr. Jack Bomar with all the amazing seasonal music of those services is now available in a DVD album with a special DVD just for our donors.

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Zamar – “Happy”

Featured Podcasts and Media

Zamar – “Relax & Let Go”

Unity Hawaii’s singing sensation Zamar performs this classic song in Doo-wop style to a rousing ovation and an enthusiast demand for an encore.


Rea Fox’s “Face of God – How Could Anyone”

Rea Fox sings this beautiful medley at Unity Church of Hawaii August 3, 2014.


Faith Rivera – Child of the Universe

Faith Rivera sings “Child of the Universe” at Unity Hawaii’s Sunday Celebration Service March 2, 2014.



Stacie Caires – Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Stacie Caires brings the audience to its feet at this February 2014 service.

Alison Aldcroft & Alex Lanning – You Are The Light

Alison Aldcroft and her daughter, Alex Lanning sing this rousing song at the Sunday Celebration Service.


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