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Acknowledgement v. Acceptance!

This Sunday, August 17

Nicholas Griffin, Ph.D.

Here we come to the heart of our own Unity message.

We may acknowledge in passing the ways of the world, some of them, alas, ugly and destructive, but it is only when we accept them…

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    Take a Break!

    August 10

    Dr. Nicholas shares some wonderful stories to illustrate how important it is for each of us to take the time regularly to renew our spirit.


    August 3
    When Jesus talked about hypocrites in the Gospel of Matthew, he was using the original meaning of the term for those who were playing a role or wearing a mask.

    Aloha Sunday

    July 27
    Noho i ke puhi.
    One who falls into a blowhole rarely escapes.

    How often have we wanted to take advantage of life’s opportunities and been held back by all sorts of inhibitions?

    Guilty as Charged?

    July 20
    Dr. Nicholas Griffin tells us that the notion of Original Sin was created long after Jesus left this world. It was created by religious councils who were building institutions

    The 10% Solution!

    July 13
    Dr. Nicholas leads us on a tour of tithing, from ancient times to modern spiritual principles. Through some wonderful stories, he demonstrates how we can give–out of the abundance of life itself.

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Zamar – “Relax & Let Go”

Featured Podcasts and Media

Rea Fox’s “Face of God – How Could Anyone”

Rea Fox sings this beautiful medley at Unity Church of Hawaii August 3, 2014.


Faith Rivera – Child of the Universe

Faith Rivera sings “Child of the Universe” at Unity Hawaii’s Sunday Celebration Service March 2, 2014.



Stacie Caires – Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Stacie Caires brings the audience to its feet at this February 2014 service.

Alison Aldcroft & Alex Lanning – You Are The Light

Alison Aldcroft and her daughter, Alex Lanning sing this rousing song at the Sunday Celebration Service.


Love Everybody in the World

Sunday September 8
Andrew Sakaguchi performs “Love Everybody in the World”


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