THE YOKE'S ON YOU, 9-23-18

Rev. Tim Lytle

Life is about learning and growing. It is a process which requires commitment and intention. The world may try to place a very difficult "yoke" (path) on us, but we are assured of the blessing of accepting our spiritual path instead, of putting our faith into action. That is how we grow; are you ready?!


Rev. Tim Lytle

Today is Radha's birthday! She is the energy and spiritual creative power aspect of God. Charles Fillmore called this Divine Feminine the Holy Spirit. What do you want to create and call into order? That happens by this Divine energy, shakti, that is here with you!


Rev. Tim Lytle

As we step into the month of September, we are stepping into the Power of Divine Order. This Sunday we will take a deep look into this first Law in the Kingdom which states that all things are to be done decently and in order (1 Corinthians 14:40). Are we in alignment with this Universal law, and if not, what things need to occur in various areas of our lives to make this "alignment" happen?


Rev. Tim Lytle

Coming home spiritually means returning to our True Self, returning to our connection with God. We try to fill our lives with so much trivial stuff to distract and entertain ourselves and yet as we progress on the spiritual journey that becomes less and less important.

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