Living in Revelation, 2-4-18

Rev. Johanna Kelly

This message dives deep into the very consciousness of your being as newly ordained Minister, Rev. Johanna Kelly takes a look at the Seven Churches in the book of Revelation. Many regard Revelation as a "Doom and Gloom" end to the Bible, but Rev. Johanna will open your eyes to the hope and reassurance that it actually conveys. We take an assessment of our personal lives and begin to prepare for where we desire to be. At the end of the sermon, the congregation participated in the annual White Stone Ceremony where through meditation, a new word will be revealed to you to guide and carry you the remainder of the year. Authentic white stones from Jerusalem were provided to the congregants for the ceremony.

What Are You Practicing?, 1/28/18

Rev.Tim Lytle

We get very good at what we practice, whether it be anger, fear, distrust or joy, peace, love. We will be beginning what is called the Season of Peace. What are you practicing and is it promoting more peace in your life and the lives of those around you?

What If Today Were Your Last?, 1-21-18

Rev.Tim Lytle

What would it mean for you to live each day to its absolute fullest? Faith shows us the way to see the miracles all around us, to see what is possible. We are swimming in a sea of miracles! Are you ready to jump in?

We've Come This Far by Faith, 1/14/18

Rev.Tim Lytle

We could not have made it through the challenges of our lives without faith. Martin Luther King Jr. stood in faith to see what was possible before it had manifested and used the power of strength to persevere and stay the course. Keep the faith! That is how we have come this far and how we will make progress!

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