Rev. Tim Lytle

We ARE Oneness. That is because there is only One Power and One Presence. When we see that Presence wherever we look it is because we finally see ourselves as that. When we learn who we really are, everything changes!!

Easter Sunday Message, 4-1-18

Rev. Tim Lytle

ARE YOU REALLY ALIVE? THE GREAT COMING OUT PARTY! Jesus was in the tomb for three days. Many of us have been in there much longer! Many of us have allowed ourselves to be imprisoned and not truly live. It's time to come out! To come out of the tomb!


Rev.Tim Lytle

We reboot a computer to refresh it, to end the many programs that may be running in the background. We too can have too many old programs running in the background which keep us from fully expressing the Christ as us. As we enter into Palm Sunday leading up to Easter we look at the theme of "crossing out" those old programs so our True Self is resurrected!

Forgiveness: Letting Go of the Burden, 3/18/18

Rev. Tim Lytle

There is much misunderstanding about forgiveness. People sometimes confuse forgiveness with denial, letting someone off the hook, absolving someone or other ridiculous notions. Forgiveness is actually letting go of the burden one has carried due to some perceived event. It is a way for us to set ourselves free. Do you want to be free, or just more entangled in suffering?

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