Rev. Johanna Kelly

Around the globe, it's the season of the harvest and what was planted in a previous season, now comes to fruition. Collectively and individually, what have we planted and what has appeared in our lives? Is it something that we desire to continue to experience in this new season? Did the apple tree that we intended on planting, suddenly spring up as an orange tree? Stepping gracefully into November, there's the opportunity to examine our lives, release the former things--the ideas, situations, and things that no longer serve a purpose, and to plant something new.


Rev. Tim Lytle

Ever felt like a victim, like you were powerless? There is an antidote, a simple to use tool that Rev. Tim explains, that will empower you to a whole new state-of-mind. Check it out and share with a friend who may need to hear this!


Rev. Tim Lytle

Deep within most of us have a sense of Oneness, that we are all somehow connected, that there is much more to life than what we are currently experiencing, and that we are being drawn to something more expansive, life-giving and creative. Kabbalah has a powerful creation story that explains these feelings inside and it closely parallels Charles Fillmore's account of creation. We are here to do something amazing; this church was created 81 years ago to do something amazing. What is it?

THE ZEAL OF LIFE, 10-07-18

Rev. Tim Lytle

Coming home spiritually means returning to our True Self, returning to our connection with God. We try to fill our lives with so much trivial stuff to distract and entertain ourselves and yet as we progress on the spiritual journey that becomes less and less important.

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