Rev. Denese joined our community as the Transitional Minister, June 2019.  As a Transitional Minister, she will assist us in exploring what has impacted us through the many changes and challenges we have experienced over the last few years.   This process will allow us to gracefully release the past and consciously live into our ongoing spiritual journey as community.   This process will also honor and continue to integrate the work of Gregory and the staff of UWM.

While this process can be challenging, Rev. Denese wraps it in our deep spiritual purpose, emphasizing practices and processes that will bring more joy, harmony, and a renewed passion for why we do Church.

I see ministry as an opportunity to awaken and discover the truth of who we are as spiritual beings.   I view Transitional Consulting as an opportunity to support leaders in the spiritual community with skills in navigating the “unchartered territory” of ministry with building cultures of peace in times of ease and/or uncertainty.

Mission: Transforming lives, one heart at a time.

Purpose: I am here to be the presence of peace, to awaken to my authentic sacred self, to live fully, expressing & sharing generously with everyone in love, joy, and gratitude.

Vision: A world powerfully transformed through the growing movement of a shared spiritual awakening. To serve as Spiritual Leader or consultant of a spiritual community that is committed to this vision. My mission is -- transforming lives, one heart at a time.

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