Unity believes that prayer is a tool to help us move through life in peace and with grace. It builds our awareness of God within us, expressing through us.

Unity teaches a positive, affirmative approach to prayer based on simple but empowering spiritual truths. Unity prayer focuses on our connection, our oneness with God with an attitude of openness, receptivity, and thanks.

If you are facing a challenge, Unity stands ready to support you with prayer. Please call our Prayer Center at (808) 734-1977 with your request, or complete the form below. We will offer our prayer support here in Honolulu, and also work through Silent Unity, the worldwide prayer ministry, to serve and assist.

Learn more about Silent Unity and the role of prayer in Unity.







Mālama Pono means to "take care", and in our church you are welcome to be a part of a Mālama Pono prayer group to pray and hold the high watch for the concerns and challenges of congregants.  This group is being led by Mary Paulson and Juliet Carlson who will reach out to those who are facing a challenge to offer prayer support.  If you or someone from the congregation you know is going into the hospital or facing a special challenge or notice someone has been missing from Sunday service please feel free to let our front office (808-735-4436) know so we can pass it on to our Mālama Pono team, who in turn can also inform Rev. Tim and Rev. Leavitt.

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Submit your prayer request below; please know that your request is kept sacred and confidential, that we are here for you and you are never alone.

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