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Unity Church of Hawai‘i is the perfect venue for public events that educate, enlighten, and embrace Unity's spiritual values. We're proud of our involvement with our island community in hosting the highest quality speakers, workshops, seminars, movies, and presentations involving a spiritual component.
Our primary purpose is to promote the spiritual enhancement of our congregants and community, however, if your primary purpose is to sell or promote a product for financial gain, then our location is not a good match for your needs.
To submit your event for consideration, please complete and submit the proposal form below. We consider proposals for speakers and musicians, as well as for rental of our facilities. Please note:

  • Your proposal must be submitted at least six (6) weeks prior to the proposed date for your event in order to be considered and reviewed.
  • Please check out our activities calendar to check available dates before contacting us.
  • Event proposals are reviewed weekly. We typically will contact you within ten business days after we receive your proposal.
  • In some cases, we will need to see a video or other samples of your recent work before we can make a final decision.
  • All workshops are evaluated by a survey of participants right after the event to monitor the quality of all our educational offerings.
  • (Please note: events that are scheduled in our Chapel after normal business hours may require a facilities charge of $25.)

If you have questions about whether your event might be appropriate for Unity Church of Hawaiʻi, or about our facilities and services, call us at (808) 735-4436, ext. 316, Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm Hawai‘i Standard Time or email us with your inquiry. We cannot answer calls on the weekend.

Event Proposal to Unity Church of Hawai‘i

Title of your event (for marketing and promotion of your event

Brief description of event/workshop (50 words or less): Please explain how you will make the event interactive with your audience (a priority, as lectures alone are not appropriate for us). Please also tell us if you will be providing handouts.

What are 2-3 "learning outcomes" (skills, abilities, knowledge, breakthroughs) that participants will experience? For example, "participants will have learned and practiced 5 times how to control their breathing during stressful times" or "learners will have created a complete list of ...."

Name of organization or business requesting this event

Name of speaker or presenter

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Requested date

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Requested time

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Length of program (hours:minutes)

Logistical Needs:

Room size (to hold how many people)

Tables (number)

Audio/visual equipment needs

Proposed money collection process and/or support that you will require from Unity (if any)

Event price and proposed contract terms/financial arrangement: Price per attendee or love offering/donation; Unity Church of Hawaiʻi will share a 60/40 split (60 church / 40 presenter) of the event proceeds:

Sales of your materials at event: Describe materials (books, CDs, DVDs, etc.) and percentage of gross sales to Unity Church of Hawaiʻi.

Event promotion: What are your specific plans, or needs, for marketing your event within our church and to people who live on Oahu or in the state, but do not go to our church? (For example, will you have your own fliers/posters or contact potential attendees via your email list?)

Please list two recent references, with phone numbers and email

Any other information you would like us to consider?

If this is a workshop, we require a one-page description of the nature of the material, handouts, and topics covered during the presentation, and a one-page flyer for inclusion with event promotional materials upon execution of the event proposal agreement (Step 2 of this process. We will contact you upon review).

Unity Church of Hawaiʻi reserves the right to decline any programs that are not in alignment with the values/principles of Unity philosophy.

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