A couple of weeks ago I stated from Jesus, "Take my yoke upon you" which means "Take my yoga, or practice, upon you". The emphasis is on practice, our daily practice of service, prayer, and meditation as well as sacred study. Again, spirituality is not a spectator sport. Here are some follow-up questions:

Have I developed a spiritual practice, a spiritual path?
How consistent am I with it?
What are the results I am seeing from my spiritual practice?

This relates to our last Sunday's topic of  'Ohana. It takes practice to really be family with others. Here are some questions regarding that:

How do I practice love with someone who is difficult or even belligerent?
How do I daily practice my Oneness with others and my world?

I believe in you. I believe in the Presence of God shifting the world through us!

Rev. Tim

This past Sunday we identified that Divine energy, Shakti, the power of the Holy Spirit, operates in and as our lives to create. We all have this creative power. Here are some questions to reflect on as a follow-up to how we are putting this into practice this week and beyond:

Am I taking responsibility for what I am creating in my life?
Am I clear about what I want to create?
What is the next right step towards creating that?
Am I taking that step?
Who is there to support me as I take this step?

It is important that we allow time to reflect and meditate on what we are here to do. My prayers are with us all as we step into our Greater Yet To Be!!