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2018 Powers:  Faith

12 Powers: Love

Excerpt from The Twelve Powers of Man, Charles Fillmore

February 2018

WE CANNOT get a right understanding of the relation that the manifest bears to the unmanifest until we set clearly before ourselves the character of Original Being. So long as we think of God in terms of personality, just so long shall we fail to understand the relation existing between man and God. Then let us dismiss the thought that God is a man, or even a man exalted far above human characteristics. So long as the concept of a man-God exists in consciousness, there will be lack of room for the true concept, which is that God is First Cause, the Principle from which flow all manifestations. So, in order to understand the complex conditions under which the human family exists, we must analyze Being and its creative processes. Inherent in the mind of Being are twelve fundamental ideas, which in action appear as primal creative forces. It is possible for man to ally himself with and to use these original forces, and thereby cooperate with the creative law, but in order to do this he must detach himself from the forces and enter into the consciousness of the idea lying back of them. In Scripture the primal ideas in...Read more about the Power of Love HERE in Chapter Five (located on page 27 in the PDF browser or page 53 as identified on the text page) in The Twelve Powers of Man.