There is only one power so there is only one people. We share this Earth, not to destroy or mutilate it, but to care for it as our home and as a beautiful expression of God. Sunday is Earth Day and a time for all of us to look at how we are all one!

Join us in person this Sunday at either 9 am & 11 am in our beautiful Chapel or live on the web at 9 am and 11 am Hawai‘i Time (12:00 pm and 2:00 pm Pacific Time; 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm Eastern Time).

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Join the FAB Girls Ahi and Charmagne for this time of connection and get in touch with the Feminine Divine!



Participants will have a text: "Sacred Contracts: Awakening to Your Diving Potential" by Carolyn Myss and a box of Archetype Cards and attendant handbook. Total cost is $30.00.There will be short lecture periods, individual work, work within dyads and small groups. There will be interacting, sharing, and comparing notes, ideas and outcomes. Participants will engage in processes, which include revisiting and reviewing their Committee of 12 Archetypes. This will include using intuitive skills, colored pen drawings/expressions, journaling and interactive exercises and processes.Participants will learn to understand the patterns that have been established in the various “’houses” of their lives as established by the Archetypal energy, which resides there. Participants will begin to understand the blocks to their personal power and spiritual maturity, and how to begin to release the “held energy” in ways that are healthy and beneficial.



Realize your ability to create satisfying, workable relationships in romance, friendships, family and work  Learn how to effectively resolve conflict; what it means to “fight fair” *Learn how to be with anger and pain effectively  Learn how to set appropriate boundaries and become aware of your unworkable patterns in relationships and how to heal them

“Lee Shapiro offers the most helpful relationship seminar I have ever attended. It is not the same old pop psychology, new-age jargon. He provides practical guidelines for resolving the difficulties that keep us from attaining what we deeply desire from life, our partners and ourselves. I can’t think of a more wonderful gift to give someone you love, and especially to oneself.” --Jordan Paul, Ph.D., Co-author, “Do I have to give up me to be loved by you?”

Lee Shapiro is a relationship counselor and has conducted relationship seminars for 36 years. He is available for private consultations.