Unity Church of Hawai’i, Honolulu, Hawaii

How Can You Participate in World Day of Prayer?

We invite all to submit a prayer request below and light a virtual candle. You can join for the events at Unity Village or here at Unity Church of Hawaii. Follow our hashtag #WDOP2019 and join us at the Unity Facebook page to connect with our reflection questions and watch live events.

World Day of Prayer Online Request Form

One Humanity, Many Stories

We have many different stories to tell about our lives, yet a greater story overarches them all: We are one.

Like a prism splits sunlight into a rainbow of colors, humans express God in unlimited ways. Each of us is distinct, yet what connects us collectively is the creative force we call oneness.

One Humanity, Many Stories will help you see your experiences in the context of our common humanity, our oneness, as you deepen your understanding of God, others, and yourself.

Each message in this booklet speaks to aspects of our shared humanity and will enrich your life through the power of:

  • Welcoming grace

  • Living love

  • Creating community

  • Embracing change

  • Finding comfort

  • Expressing gratitude

  • Awakening joy


The Little Booklet of Affirmative Prayer

The peace and guidance of prayer are always available to us.

To support you on your spiritual path, Unity has created The Little Booklet of Affirmative Prayer, Vol. 2, based upon the most frequent prayer requests received by Silent Unity®. This powerful selection of prayers is available to you now.

The Little Booklet of Affirmative Prayer, Vol. 2 can help guide you on your personal prayer journey and center your heart through:

  • Classic Unity prayers

  • Healing prayers

  • Compassion prayers

  • Prosperity/abundance prayers

  • Peace of mind/understanding prayers