12 Powers: Love

Adapted from http://www.unity.org/resources/twelve-powers/twelve-powers/12-powers-love

February 2017

Affirmation: I am a radiating center of love.

Love—The ability to attract, unify and desire.

The disciple is John. He represents unconditional acceptance and forgiveness.

The corresponding color is pink and the location is the back of the heart.

Let There Be Love
By Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann

Love is the most universally recognized and most frequently misinterpreted of the Twelve Powers. It is a part of life and living, and without love, people perish. …

When Jesus prayed the prayer of atonement with his disciples, as reported so beautifully by John (the love disciple), he was calling attention to the ultimate activity of love, the spiritual oneness that pervades everything in the universe.

Love is. Love continues to be, just as the sun continues to shine, whether or not we know it is there, whether or not we can see it, whether or not we believe in it. …

The love center in the body is in the heart. As the heart circulates life-giving blood throughout the body, so a right concept of love circulates life-giving sustenance through our thinking-feeling nature, as well as through our body and affairs. Development of the God-consciousness of oneness enriches all phases of the life it enters. The faculties of love, centered in the heart, and wisdom, from its seat at the pit of the stomach, meet in the solar plexus, at the back of the heart and stomach.

In considering the unfoldment of [love], we must make sure that we link it always with wisdom. … Wisdom and love are not only two of the twelve [powers], but they are also the two phases of God that combine to produce creative activity of any kind.

Love without wisdom has a tendency to be blind, easily misled, foolish in its actions. On the other hand, wisdom without love may be harsh and cold, unfeeling in its activity. Linked in the Mind of God, working from pure knowing and the ultimate oneness, they produce perfect ideas in mind and manifestation.

… It is love that looks past appearances to behold the Truth of being. It is love that enables us to live in harmony with all our universe. It is love that heals, prospers, attracts, holds and makes real the good ideas. And divine love is the greatest power for protection in the universe. …

It is not necessary for us to like all that we see in our world. We do not have to agree with the wrong things that people do. But regardless of appearances, we must love the Christ or God in all persons and all things. We must, because it is our nature to love and because “he first loved us.”

Twelve-Power Meditation Exercise on Love

By Charles Roth

Bring your attention to the middle of your head, specifically the pineal gland, which is the physical center for the faculty of faith, represented by Peter. Silently affirm:

Christ in me quickens the disciple-faculty of faith. I have faith in God so that when I say to a mountainous challenge, “Be thou removed!” I do not doubt in my heart, and that which I say is done.

Next, let your attention travel to your strength center at the small of your back, just below the ribs and above the pelvis, and silently affirm:

Christ in me quickens the disciple-faculty of strength in me. I am strong in the Lord and in the power of his might!

Now focus on the wisdom center in the solar plexus and affirm:

Christ in me quickens the disciple-faculty of wisdom in me. I am in tune with the infinite wisdom of universal mind.

And now bring the focal point of your attention up just a bit to the area behind the heart, the love center. Affirm these thoughts:

Christ in me quickens the disciple-faculty of love in me. I am a radiating center of pure, unadulterated love; mighty to attract my good, and to radiate good to others. (Love, you see, has a magnetic quality to it an attracting, cohesive power.)

Now remember that love and wisdom go together as powerhouse sons of thunder. Gratefully acknowledge that they are quickened in you.

Close your meditation with the “Prayer for Protection” by James Dillet Freeman:

The light of God surrounds me;
The love of God enfolds me;
The power of God protects me;
The presence of God watches over me.
Wherever I am, God is!