This month's theme is “Grateful for the Light of Christ.” These resources are designed to inspire and support you on your spiritual journey.  Do this sacred exercise for 30 days, either using the same 10 divine attributes or brainstorm a new list each day. As the days go by, observe your feelings about God, yourself, and your relationship with the Divine.

Are you grateful for the light of Christ within you? Do you spend time reflecting on God’s essence pouring through you?

Grateful for the Light of Christ

By Elliott Robertson

God is always inviting you to be grateful for the intersection of the Divine and the human in your heart. You are always welcome to lift your gaze toward the Truth that permeates the celestial realm and every soul. Take a moment now, dear one, to thank God for the light and love within you. Yes, be grateful for the purity of heart at your core. Know that the purity of your heart is equaled only by God’s purity, even if it is covered sometimes by fog or by the veils of illusion. Take a moment now and every day to thank God for the divinity from which your soul was made.

You may have received some sad news about a friend who lost a job. Take a moment to thank God for the resilience of your friend’s soul as well as your own soul’s resilience.

You may have just received a bill in the mail that you can’t pay. Still, thank God for the spirit of abundance that has been within you since birth.

Be grateful for the divine qualities that define your nature—for the compassion, nobility, and reverence within your heart. Be grateful for your capacity to grow, and your capacity to celebrate and dance with God.

Here is an exercise you can do for the next 30 days to establish the habit of gratitude. First, take a moment to brainstorm a list of the qualities in your heart that Source has placed within you. Perhaps your list will begin with light, joy, wisdom, and fortitude. Keep filling the page until you have at least 10 attributes of God.

Then write the following sentence filling in the blank with the first word on the list you brainstormed:

I am grateful for the ______ within me.

If the first word on your list is “light,” then your first sentence will read, “I am grateful for the light within me.”

Write a sentence for each item on your list. Then review the list slowly and joyfully. Give yourself to the stillness and Silence as you carry a sense of thanksgiving with you. Soak in this pool of thankfulness for a few minutes. If you wish, you may end your time of silent praise with an affirmation such as: The light of Christ pours through my being or I am willing to dwell in the Truth of who I am.





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