On Sunday, October 10th, 1937, the first Unity Church Service was held in Hawaii, conducted by Reverend Marie Handley who heard and answered the call to bring Unity to Hawaii. On Sunday, October 10, 2021, we will celebrate our 84 Anniversary at 10:00 a.m. Sunday Service!

Each year offers us the opportunity to recognize the milestones we have achieved in the previous year that have furthered our growth as individuals, as a Spiritual Community, and as Unity Church of Hawaii. This last year, in response to CoVID, all classes and meetings went online. Suddenly, we were meeting with each other every day or night of the week on Zoom. It created a sense of deepening intimacy among our Unity Congregants. It also allowed for new classes on Our Spiritual Journey and Practice, on Prayer, and in Spirit Group classes based on Unity Teachings.

As Unity has begun to reopen, we are now welcoming new people each week who attend our Service and tell us they feel drawn to Unity’s Teachings and Metaphysics, as well as to the New Thought Music and Heart-felt sense of Connection and Acceptance in our Spiritual Community.

Our week now includes:

  • Sunday Service at 10:00 A.M. followed by Community Connection online
  • Daily Morning Prayer at 11:00 am on our e-campus Website
  • Power Prayer on Monday afternoons
  • Monday Evenings are now bringing new Unity classes each Week
  • Tuesday Evening deepens our practice of Non-Violent Compassionate Communication
  • Wednesday Evening offers Prayer, Healing, and Meditation with live New Thought Music
  • Thursday's host Board and Volunteer Committee Meetings to move the Mission of our Church forward
  • Fridays offer new classes and events often presented by our new Licensed Unity Teacher Candidates
  • Saturdays boast Leadership Training for LUT Candidates and monthly Board Leadership Development

All this is in addition to our Counseling and Wellness Center and to our wonderful and Highly Respected Unity Preschool that educates 98 Children each day!

We are here for Your Growth! We have graduated two new Licensed Unity Teachers in the last year with an additional two Candidates now being trained. We have a large and amazing group of Prayer Chaplains and a very dedicated and competent Board of Trustees. We also have the heart-felt Service of all our Unity Volunteers. With the help of Reverend Denese, Unity has truly become a Transformational Growth Center. So much so, that Unity Worldwide Ministries has acknowledged our growth over the last two years and now describes us a being on the leading edge of the Integral Ministries!

This Year we have two Goals to help move our Church Forward, especially given that we will be hiring and welcoming a New Minister in the next few months!

  • The 1st Goal is to increase the number of Congregants who give automatic donations. We are currently at 40+% and would like to see this get to or above 84% during this 84th Anniversary
  • The 2nd Goal is to create a Reserve Account with 3-6 months of Funds for operational expenses. Our Goal again this year is $100,000.

This will help us balance the budget by complementing the level of Sunday donations that are meant to meet monthly expenses. Establishing this Reserve Fund is especially prudent for extenuating circumstances like Co-VID that have kept us from our usual size of in-person Sunday Services.

For 84 years, the Unity Church of Hawaii has served as a Beacon of Light. Through our love and generosity, we continue to Inspire with our Universal Teachings and serve through our Practical Progressive Christianity.
Members, Congregants, and Friends make Unity Church of Hawai’i what it is and have raised one-half of the fundraising goal in previous years. We thank you and ask you to prayerfully consider making a significant donation again this year by emailing your pledge amount to: anniversary@unityhawaii.org. If questions arise or you would like to contact us, please call Thomas Gallagher, President, Board of Trustees: 808.373.4270 or email: tegmd1@gmail.com.

This special donation can be made in a single payment or spread over several payments during the remainder of 2021, if that would work better for you.

We thank you for your efforts in helping to give birth to our next stage of Realizing the Mission. We thank you for being Centered in God and helping Unity Transform Lives and Inspire People to make a Positive Difference in the World.

With our Deepest Gratitude for Your Great Love and Support,