October 10th is a very special day at Unity Church of Hawai‘i as it is the day that we celebrate the first Unity Church Service held in Hawai‘i in 1937, conducted by Reverend Marie Handley. This year we will celebrate our 85th Anniversary! For 85 years, Unity Church of Hawai‘i has served as a Beacon of Light that continues to inspire through our Universal Spiritual Teachings and to serve through our Practical Christianity offered with generosity and love. Our Classes, Programs, Sunday Services, and Unity School all create a deeper sense of Oneness with God, and fulfill our Mission of “Centered in God, We are transforming Lives, and Inspiring People to Make a Positive Difference in the World”.

Our Anniversary Celebration allows us the opportunity to recognize the milestones we have accomplished each Year. One of the greatest milestones we achieved was graduating four new Licensed Unity Teachers, and there are now three Candidates in Unity Ministerial Programs seeking to become Unity Ministers! Along with this, we continue to have a large and amazing group of Prayer Chaplains, a talented, dedicated, and hard-working Staff, and a very dedicated and competent Board of Trustees. Together, we truly experience the blessings of Spiritual Community that have been created through the Heart-felt Service we share among our Unity Volunteers, Staff and Congregants.

This year, we anticipate having exciting meetings in person with a heightened sense of energy and expectation about the events and new classes starting in October. We welcome new people to our Sunday Service each week who tell us they feel very drawn to Unity’s Teachings and Metaphysics, really enjoy the uplifting music and actually experience the feeling of being in a Spiritual Community with which they could relate.

Through the innovative and pioneering work of Reverend Denese and Dr. Gary Simmons along with our Community’s ability to grow with the changes, Unity Church of Hawai’i has truly become a Transformational Growth Center… so much so, that Unity Worldwide Ministries has acknowledged our growth over the last two years and now describes us as being on the leading edge of Integral Ministries!

We have happily accomplished our first goal of finding our New Minister, our beloved Reverend Tim Lytle. With Reverend Tim as our Minister, we now undertake our second goal of funding specific Missions and Programs of the Church. This will truly become a Mission-Centric year.

Our 85th Anniversary projects and related costs along with Our Missions and Key Values can be found on the attached insert.

Thank you for supporting Unity Church of Hawai‘i. We ask you to prayerfully consider making a generous donation by emailing your pledge amount to: anniversary@unityhawaii.org. If questions arise or you would like to contact us, please call Thomas Gallagher, President, Board of Trustees: 808.373.4270 or email: tegmd1@gmail.com.

This special Anniversary Donation is in addition to your ongoing donations and can be made in a single payment or spread over several payments during the remainder of 2022, if that would work better.  Your donation may be made several ways:

By check made payable to Unity Church of Hawai‘i with the memo on the check designating it for the 85th Anniversary; and sent to:

  • Unity Church of Hawai‘i-3608 Diamond Head Circle, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815
  • Online by credit card at unityhawaii.org/anniversary;
  • Cash donation in an envelope with your name with annotation of 85th Anniversary.

We thank you for your efforts in helping to give birth to our next stage of realizing the Mission of Unity Church of Hawai‘i with our New Minister.  We thank YOU for being Centered in God and helping Unity Transform Lives and Inspire People to make a Positive Difference in the World.

We will be honoring our 85th Anniversary with a number of events and celebrations.  Please see the details that can also be found on the enclosed insert and on our Church website at: unityhawaii.org/anniversary.  We look forward to celebrating with you.

With Deepest Gratitude for Your Great Love and Support,