Candidate Q & A Session, Feb 23, 2020

Having just completed my first term on the Board of Trustees, I know that I am in the right place, at the right time, right now. I am proud to be able to serve my church home right here and right now. I retired in 2014 and began to fulfill my intention of serving this community as best as I was able. I found my way from volunteering in the kitchen to assisting the search team to being elected to the board.   I have served as secretary for the first two years on the board and as treasurer for this last year. I am very grateful to have been able to do so.

I have found that my career journey has served me well on the board. I started as a receptionist and file clerk nearly forty years ago and ended with my retirement as a Technical Director of a Network Operations Center. I was immersed in the structure of military organizations during most of my career. I worked side by side with Navy sailors for many years before moving upward through the ranks in various leadership positions. I benefitted through this upward mobility by having received leadership and management training. I understand the challenges of both worker and manager, staff and board.

My time working in a bank and the many courses in accounting have helped to provide the expertise needed to serve as treasurer in this past year. I have had fun working closely with staff to understand the cost of running our spiritual home and to understand the policies and processes that will allow us to create the checks and balances that will ensure financial security and transparency into the future. We still have some work to do and we are making great progress. I look forward to continuing to serve and do that work. Blessings to you all.

I’ve been attending Unity Church of Hawaii since 1992, and have been a member since 1996. I was a UCoH Trustee between 2007 to 2008, serving as secretary of the Board. I currently am President of the Board of Trustees, co-treasurer, Unity of Hawaii Endowment Foundation, and Director, Hawaii Loa Ridge Homeowner's Association.

I have served on several committees both in the community and in our housing complex. I am a pediatrician who sub-specialized in the care of children with educational, emotional, and physical disabilities. I am a published author and received ~$20M in Research Funds to develop a cost-effective intervention protocol for the provision of medically-related services dissemination to the Department of Defense Dependent Schools worldwide.

I was a consultant for the Department of Defense Educational Board and an invited speaker at conferences world wide. I was awarded the Order of Military Medical Merit by the Army Surgeon General in 2002. I was repeatedly recognized for excellence in teaching, patient care, and advocacy.

I am interested in continuing to serve on the Board of Trustees at this time to fulfill bringing accountability to our church, lovingly serve my church O'hana, enhance the quality of life for all at Unity Church of Hawaii, augment the wisdom and maturity of the board as we begin our search for a new minister, and support our preschool. Blessings and knowing that the best is on it’s way for this community!

Born and raised in Honolulu. A graduate of the University of Hawaii with Baccalaureate degrees in Psychology and Anthropology. Served a 33 year career in the aviation industry.

First attended Unity Church on Maui during Christmas of 2001 and was impressed with its message of spirituality. Since 2002 attendance has been with Unity Church of Hawaii in Honolulu. Have enjoyed many years of student participation in classes, discussion groups, church repair, Bylaws review, facilitator of discussion groups, book reading groups, and social activities, and within the Chaplaincy program as a prayer letter writer. In addition, have assisted as a volunteer in many different church events and functions. The metaphysically centered activities have always been my favorites. The most current volunteer interests and efforts have been in completing a term on the Board, serving as a first-time Board member. A memorable experience, and one in which points towards the need for understanding, and the use of Spiritual Principles, as the ultimate way to manifest worldly prosperity and contentment within oneself and beyond into the larger community.

I look forward to continued Board service as a co-creative opportunity, within the Spirit of Christ consciousness, and as a reflection within all great worldwide spiritual teachings. Let us be the change we wish to see in the world, as individuals, and in community, as we all continue to heal, learn and manifest Spiritual transformation and awareness within ourselves, in each and every daily moment.


I have been a sustaining member in good standing here at Unity Church of Hawaii for over 25 years. I worked for the federal government for over 41yrs in the computer field but i felt my strongest strength was in customer service. I let the customers know we cared and would fix their issues in a timely manner.

As a member of this community I have participated in volunteer work as an usher, a tithing counter, and chaplain. It has also been my honor to serve on the Board of Trustees twice including in an executive position of Secretary. I have taken the Q-Process twice and continue my growth in this process.

I come to serve this church community, as a voice for its congregants, Unity principles, and above all, God. It is through my deep connection with Unity Church of Hawaii and its spiritual principles that I became a chaplain. I am in the process to become an Licensed Unity Teacher while studying at the University of Hawaii at Manoa to earn my Bachelor’s degree in religion. My goal as Board of Trustee is to ensure that the principles and bylaws support our church in its growth and prosperity as we grow this church and transform.

It is my belief that leadership starts with being the positive and compassionate change we all want to see. It is not good enough to just be reactive to issues, we must be proactive. I believe it is the best way to create the future we all want for this community.

If given the chance to serve, I pledge to serve this church honorably, with spiritual maturity, integrity, and in alignment with our Code of Ethics and principles. Mahalo for your continued support of our community and stay blessed. Rosalee Kaiser!

Letrice Mitchell-Campbell has attended Unity Church of Hawaii for the past eight years. Her commitment to service has put her in such positions as Twice Blessed Thrift Store Manager, keiki church volunteer, Zamar Volunteer, vocalist, and most recently Ho’opono Director. As a current member and resident of the Diamond Head community, Letrice continues to make herself available for dialogue surrounding community building, self awareness and growth in the divine spirit known as God. Outreach projects that have a direct impact on the Diamond Head Community are of the highest priority. Letrice believes family and fellowship go together. Unity Church of Hawaii provides both when all are aligned with the mission.

Aloha! My name is Allison Pettersson and I started coming to Unity about 12 years ago, although I’ve been a student of New Thought for much longer.

I was born and raised on Kauai in a large family with solid Plantation values. My parents instilled within me the foundational values of hard work, humility and integrity. We lived simply, but my parents gave generously of their love, laughter and hospitality.

This influenced me to pursue a higher education and career choice in Hotel Management and the Hospitality Industry. I was employed for a number of years by Sheraton Hotels and the Kahala Mandarin Oriental. Working in a corporate environment taught me about professionalism and the importance of teamwork.

The various positions I held in management required me to become knowledgeable and competent in a myriad of skill sets. I dealt with safety, security and liability issues on behalf of the hotel, as well as worked with contracts, budgets and managed staff on the departmental level. But it was through the daily interaction with guests and employees that I honed crucial skills in communication and conflict/resolution.

In 2007, I started a destination management company, which includes property management and is similar to hotel operations, only now, I have sole responsibility. It’s required me to be organized, resourceful and to be able to multi-task.

While work keeps me busy, it’s become increasingly more important for me to devote time to my relationships and spiritual growth. In the past year, I’ve become much more active at Unity, attending classes, leadership on committees, and forming new friendships.

I believe that by utilizing my skill-set as a team member on the Board, I can best contribute to the manifestation of the vision of UCOH as a prosperous, thriving spiritual community. Peace to each of you.

I’ve had the joy of serving on Unity Church of Hawaii’s board of trustees for the past 8 months.  I’m incredibly thankful for the gifts of transformational teaching our church has offered over the last year through Unity Worldwide Ministry’s special plan that they created, just for us, given the remarkable position we’re in. I recognized this golden opportunity for growth, and I knew change begins with me. I took full advantage of the training by Reverend Cynthia, Reverend Doug, and Gregory Rouillard.

I especially loved the fun and deeper connections I experienced with congregants. I hit the metaphysical jackpot when I joined the board just as Reverend Denese arrived. She promised to make us “uncomfortable.” I was pumped and primed to dive into the offerings she provided.  She conducted full day board training once a month where I wholeheartedly participated.  I was also blown away when I heard the board was participating in mission-centric ministry coaching by the one and only Gary Simmons who authored “The I of the Storm” book and co-created the Q process.

These past 8 months on the board have been some of the most transformational times of my life. Equally important has been the tremendous blessing in supporting our membership in communal transformation.  I’ve loved serving on the board and in our community with my gifts of faith, collaboration; authentic heart felt respectful communication, integrity, enthusiasm and hard work.  The board members have taught me so much and I’m proud of all we’ve accomplished together as a board and as a community this past year. I have more to learn and much more to give and feel the great love and synergy that we’ve all created together thus far. It would fill my heart with joy and be an honor to continue serving as a Unity Church of Hawaii board of trustee.  Mahalo and blessings!