Election Committee News

Election Volunteers Needed for March 1st Annual Membership Meeting

The Election Committee for the March 2020 Board elections is now being formed.  This committee manages and oversees the election and have the following duties:

1. The Committee Chair will facilitate management of all tasks and may participate in any
such tasks.
2. Be responsible for, and to manage the recruitment of Annual Membership Meeting election volunteers.
3. Serve as, but not limited to, observers of all Ballot Counting, Spoiled ballot declarations,
Online ballot handling, and Pre-Meeting Membership check-in and ballot distribution, and
Ballot collection.
4. Take custody of all election materials after the voting results are completed, and insure
safekeeping of such materials. Custody of materials are to include the rosters.

5. Provide a post election Inventory Report to the BoT at its March regular meeting: To include, at a minimum, election results tallied by candidate, the number of Votes Cast in Total; Inventoried by, but not limited to, each voting category (Meeting Ballots, Online voting, Absentee, and Spoiled Ballots).


Only members of the church can serve on the committee and additional qualifications are as follows:

 (1) Desires and has the time to serve on the Elections Committee. (2) Endeavors to live in accord with the principles of Love and Truth as taught by Unity. (3) Demonstrates dedication to the Ministry and mission through his/her active interest, regular attendance, love, financial support, and voluntary service. (4) Is a sincere and continuing student of Unity, has taken classes in basic Unity principles, and is conversant with its teachings. (5) Has demonstrated leadership capabilities in the Ministry’s programs and activities.

Committee members will be determined by the Board at its November 21st meeting.

If you want to volunteer please email your name and contact information to elections@unityhawaii.org or contact Rev. Johanna Kelly at 808-735-4436