Unity Church of Hawaii's Endowment Foundation offers us an opportunity to safely ensure the love that we have enjoyed and the lessons we have learned will continue for others who follow us in their spiritual journey at Unity Church of Hawaii. It is an ongoing educational and recognition program to inspire all of us to remember our spiritual ohana with a planned gift.

Such a gift manifests values that guide Unity teachings. Planned giving through wills, life insurance policies, trusts, and other vehicles support the long-term prosperity, viability, and growth of our church.

Estate planning is important for us all, regardless of our level of prosperity. Without it, state laws will impose a plan without our having our wishes recognized or acknowledged. Whether it's a simple will or a more complex trust arrangement, estate planning eliminates unforeseen and unintentional consequence. It guarantees that your values and beliefs will be expressed and supported. And it enhances prosperity, knowing that as we give we also receive.

Download the 2018 Proposed DRAFT Endowment Fund Program documents HERE

Questions and Answers

How will Unity use my gifts?
The Board of Trustees, guided by the Endowment Foundation policy, determines the uses for the gifts; the Policy is available through the church office. In general, gifts will be used for long-term programs, including buildings and capital improvements, that contribute to the viability and growth of the church. A portion of gifts will be held as an endowment to assure the Church's financial future.

How does a planned gift differ from my Sunday tithing?
Planned gifts are designated to ensure the long-range financial security of the church. Your Sunday giving is used for a myriad of expenses, primarily to keep the church running on a day-to-day basis.

Should I participate if I don't have an estate? Is there a minimum gift?
"Estate" can sound a bit lofty, but it just means property, money or personal belongings you have at the time of your transition. The size of the estate is not important. The importance lies in planning how your estate will be passed on.


How can I give an Endowment Foundation gift?
There are many ways to give, from remembering Unity Church of Hawaii in your will to providing a gift through other planning vehicles. Your attorney, financial adviser, accountant, or other professionals can help you determine what is most appropriate for you and for your intention.

Can Unity help me arrange for a gift?
Unity may assist you in finding an appropriate consultant, but we cannot provide legal or tax advice. If you already work with a financial planner, lawyer, accountant, insurance agent or other professionals, please talk to them about remembering UCoH's Endowment Foundation in your will.

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