Preschool Funding Perimeter Security Fencing

Unity Church of Hawaii is so fortunate to have a preschool considered to be one of the best in Hawaii. The children attending the preschool are some of the brightest and most talented children on Oahu. The preschool also enhances  the church prosperity in monthly income and more recently in funding a perimeter security fence for the security of the children.

Several years ago, the school realized the need for security fencing.  The church has long had an issue with people without church-related activity meandering through the open campus. Participants of church-related activities are frequently frightened by people sleeping on the church grounds and the grounds keepers frequently need to clean up feces around buildings and awaken people when the preschool children arrive in the morning.  This puts an added stress on all staff as well as heightens the concerns of the parents regarding the safety and security of their children.  The vinyl fencing was a first phase of security. Since the installation of that phase, Sergio and the preschool staff have investigated the type and location of security that would best protect the most valuable asset, the children.

Fundraising projects by the staff and parents of the school raised sufficient resources to not only augment the vinyl fencing around the educational wing, but also the perimeter of the church. Working with Manoli Builders, plans were submitted to, and approved by, the City for security for a complete security fencing program.

In light of the recent shooting in the Diamond Head area, we are so fortunate that the security concerns are now being addressed and the Board of Trustees has also approved the formation of a Security Committee to look into what is needed for overall campus security.

Just as we are transforming the lives of Honolulu, the preschool is helping transform and enhance our campus. We are so blessed!