Three Fold Activity:
• Map the unresolved issues the Pain-Body of the ministry over its 85 years history.
• To look at the “Prouds” and the “Sorries” and the unintended consequences of this ministry practice. In other words, the things that got created that were not in alignment with the ministry’s values. And to be able to look at the unresolved issues that are symptomatic of our current ministry practice.
• To come up with the ministry’s Q Card/Shadow Card. Just like we are doing the Q Process, we want to identify the limiting beliefs that this ministry has inadvertently taken on by virtue of its experiences it has had in the last 20 years or so.

Our process will begin on Saturday to create a Circle of Honor, to acknowledge the diversity of the community. There are people who have been part of this ministry’s journey since its very beginning and then there are new people.

With the diversity of the community and the various perspectives that are represented by so many, we want to come together to honor the journey that the ministry has been on. Our time together we will explore discover the values we want to experience in this ministry. Each person will be asked to identify 3 values that are integral to their involvement.

It is important to understand that when we fail to live up to our standards of integrity (our values) things can happen. We can inadvertently trample on the sensibilities of each other or fail to live up to the basic expectations, needs, and values that people have.

It is not with the intent that the unfortunate circumstances got created, it is just human nature. So when we understand that we are all at different levels of our own spiritual and emotional maturity and that we are all on a journey. So it is understandable that the circumstances and the events that can happen in our lives that contribute to our sense of well being and worth have an impact. We want to honor that and to acknowledge that that has occurred in the history of UCOH.

This about being in a conversation so that we can honor the past and Release what needs to be released, and begin to midwife that which needs to be birthed to be brought forth so that a new ERA, a new transformational journey can begin to be told.

When we come together and we are trying to create something new, we don’t always have the bandwidth to be able to apply best practices in all our affairs. What part of the journey is managing the hurt, the grief, the unintended consequences of misperception?

We want to evolve the ministry out of these circumstances rather than see them as problems to fix. We want to own the deeper dimension of the spiritual journey that is about shadow work and our commitment to integrate our limiting beliefs that are in the way of our spiritual evolution, our moving into a more sustainable ministry practice.

This will support more compassion for ourselves and others.
The experience can unleash the experience of infinite possibilities that begins to build around who and what we have come here to be as opposed to letting who you are not (the shadow side) continue to lead the way or exacerbate to create a thriving model ministry for the New Thought Movement. More information at: