Keep a True Lent, Charles Fillmore

THE WORD LENT comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for spring, which is derived from a verb meaning to lengthen. Lent comes in the spring when the days become noticeably longer.

This annual season of fasting, prayer, and penitence has been observed by the Western Church since the first century after Christ, although it has not always been forty days long. In more recent times it has been kept forty days, after the example of Moses and Elijah, and to commemorate the forty days of fasting and prayer that Jesus spent in the wilderness....Click HERE to access the full version of Keep a True Lent, by Charles Fillmore.

2024 Lent Booklets will be given to Ash Wednesday attendees FREE.   You may also pick up a physical copy on Sundays right outside of the chapel as well.

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Click on the corresponding day below to access that day's Lent lesson and reading as given by Unity Co-founder Charles Fillmore (Day 1=Ash Wednesday, February 14, 2024).