Nicholas Griffin has been a Unity minister for fifty years. He was ordained by Lowell Fillmore, son of Unity’s founders. He first found Unity after experiencing a remarkable physical healing. Unity’s positive emphasis on the power of the Christ Spirit to heal mind and body has always appealed to him.

Nicholas worked in Silent Unity, our movement’s worldwide prayer ministry, and was Director of Education at Unity School and a member of the Executive Board of Unity School before serving in a number of Unity churches in a successful permanent capacity. However, for forty years he has pioneered in the field of interim ministry consultancy. As an effective and popular speaker and teacher, Nicholas brings with him an unusual combination of skills and experience. He also manages to devote a part of each year to writing, research, and various academic endeavors. He also has written a number of novels, some under his own name.

Nicholas Griffin studied philosophy at Harvard and holds a Master’s Degree in Logic and Moral Philosophy from Glasgow University in Scotland, which was founded in 1451, and is one of Britain’s oldest institutions of higher learning. He is a registered Scholar of the University.

Nicholas was graduated with distinction from Oxford University, England, from which he obtained a Master’s Degree. He is a life member of the Oxford Union, the University’s famed debating society, and a former scholar and current member of Pembroke College in the University. In addition, Nicholas holds M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Modern History, and has his ministerial credentials. He has taught and lectured in colleges and universities abroad and in America, and has published in scholarly journals, where his emphasis has been on questions of personal identity and responsibility.

Nicholas and his wife Carole have been married for over fifty years, and have shared ministry during that time. Carole is an ordained Unity minister, now retired. She, too, worked in Silent Unity. Nicholas and Carole have shared many leisure pursuits, including flying, and some years ago accumulated a combined total of several thousand hours in the air. Currently, they live in the beautiful San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest.