Senior Minister, Rev. Tim Lytle is an ordained Unity minister, is on the Board of Trustees for Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM), and serves on various leadership teams in UWM including teams that support, plan and work with the international work of Unity around the world. Tim graduated from MidAmerica Nazarene University (B.A. in Religion and also in Speech Communications) and Nazarene Theological Seminary (M.Div.), both in Kansas City. He was a pastor for 9 years in that denomination before receiving special training as a hospital chaplain. Tim is a Board Certified Chaplain through the Association of Professional Chaplains and has served as a hospital chaplain (and at times coordinator/developer of programs) for over 28 years in the areas of psychiatric care, physical rehabilitation, trauma services and intensive care units such as the Burn Center, Surgical Intensive Care and the Neuro-Intensive Care Unit. Concurrent with his work he was deeply involved in volunteer prison ministry for over 12 years. Tim has been involved in and studied various forms of meditation and spirituality practices from India (where he loves to travel), Sufism, Kabbalah, Druidism, Taoism, Buddhism, and contemplative Christian practices such as centering prayer and Lectio Divina. These studies along with years of immersion and deep love of Unity teachings have emphasized our Oneness with the Divine, each other and with all creation.

Tim’s mission and passion is the spiritual transformation and awakening of individuals and humanity through experiencing and realizing this Oneness. To this end he loves interacting, speaking, storytelling (often with humor), social action and teaching as a means to help us to remember who we really are!

Email:    Phone: 808-735-4436