Is Your Shadow Showing?   Face It, Embrace It, Integrate It!

The Quantum Living Training weaves together the latest research emerging from neurobiology, developmental psychology, and quantum science with the wisdom of the world’s mystical traditions to offer a powerful path to personal evolution. Quantum Living “aware-apy” exercises and techniques are designed to reduce anxiety, foster a raised degree of self-awareness, and emotional resiliency, as well as embodying positive change.  Liberated from life-constricting patterns and ineffective reactions, we are free to express our whole and sacred divine presence, live from our most noble self, and serve as we are called.

Next training:

Wednesday Evenings, April 24th - May 29th, 6-8 pm, Zoom

Facilitated by: Leslee Ellenson, Ministerial Candidate and Rev. Margie Hyatt

$125 Includes workbook
Returning participant $25 (plus $25 for new workbook, if desired)

The primary aim of The Quantum Living Process™ Training is to equip participants to use the self-directed 21-day Quantum Living Process, to explore triggering or challenging moments in order to awaken to unconscious cultural/social programming set in motion in early childhood, often still operating by default. By uncovering and transforming unconscious, limiting patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior, the way opens for heart-centered evolutionary transformation

Shadow Work as a Path to Deep Healing

Have you ever wondered why it is that despite all you know about how to get along in the world, despite the efforts you make in your home and work life, and in your spiritual practices, you may still not be seeing lasting transformational results? Recent research into the workings of the human brain shed some light on why we may still find ourselves stuck in old patterns of thought, feeling and action regardless of our best efforts.

Growing Up Human

Despite our best efforts, no human environment can fully and unceasingly reflect the Divine truth of our children back to them. It is widely accepted that childhood’s earliest years are the most impressionable, but the emerging fields of neurobiology suggest that it may be even more important than once thought.

Difficult early life experiences may continue to haunt us, in spire of our efforts through therapy and the spiritual journey, because the unconscious limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world we take on actually create neural networks that, when triggered in the present day, undermine the ability to make conscious choices that arise from our deepest desires and our personal faith and spiritual principles. We often react, rather than respond to life’s circumstances.

The transformational 21-day practice called The Q Process™ helps participants understand and reflect on how the brain and perception works and how they create meaning from earlier situations. Exploration and reflection leads to uncovering unconscious, limiting patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior set in motion by childhood events which may be still “running the game" by default. Through Quantum Living techniques we embrace and transform the shadow within and release our most divine self into full expression.

Transcending The Past

As individuals, teams, and communities become aware of these hidden beliefs and ingrained neural firing patterns they can be transformed and released. We can become free from old hurts, untrue assumptions and erroneous beliefs; we can be freed to manifest a greatest good in our life and in the world.

Becoming aware of these physiological and psychological pattens and applying mindfulness practices effectively fast-tracks our evolution to greater freedom that may develop an internal witnessing observer; lessen our reactivity and engage our sense of inner self-curiosity; settle negative energy and restore focused, intentional mental capacity; calm the voice of the inner critic and self-judgment; create loving kindness and compassion for self and others.

Create a New Future

The Quantum Living Process™ is a 21-day guided reflection tool to reframe triggering experiences. We explore three (3) seven-day phases. Phase One focuses on critical thoughts about external experiences. Phase Two focuses on critical thoughts directed inwardly. Phase Three follows both internal and external triggers into the past to find a memory associated with the pattern and release and reframe the moment, creating a mental and emotional shift in the present that supports a vibrant, enlivened future.