SpiritGroups — A Place to Get Connected!

Beginning the week of October 18, 2021, SpiritGroups continues with several study series available: The Path of Conscious Creation or What If It All Goes RIGHT?.

What’s a SpiritGroup?

A virtual small group of spiritual explorers coming together for connection and an opportunity to deepen the spiritual path with companions on the journey. The groups meet weekly for a 7-week cycle of finding community, interaction, purpose, growth, and fun while exploring a spiritual topic.

When and where do SpiritGroups meet?

The Fall 2021 SpiritGroups cycle meets weekly beginning the week of October 18, 2021. Meeting virtually on Zoom, sessions are typically 90 minutes long and include prayer and/or meditation, exploration of a spiritual theme, and group discussion.

What are the available meeting times?

Mondays, Oct 18 - Nov 29, 6 pm, Rosie Kaiser, LUTC, and Rev. Margie Hyatt: The Path of Conscious Creation curriculum.

Tuesdays, Oct 19 - Nov 30, 4 pm, Cindy Hensley, RScP: What If It All Goes RIGHT? curriculum.

A group will begin on Thursday, Nov 11, 6:30 pm, Rev. Geo Downer and Michele Hubbard, LUT: Affirmative Prayer curriculum. Feel free to join by clicking on the Spirit Groups banner on our Ecampus during the designated time/day.

Sign-up HERE for one of the above meeting times.

Spiritual Study Options:

The Path of Conscious Creation

Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx0wnxQt_RI&list=PLunO1Uh1MYCFWh9iDJnGPSMliYJTTicCD&index=1

We will discover how we can access the God-given power of conscious creation to direct the energies of life in ways that enhance our experience of abundance, wellbeing, and satisfaction. Following the blueprint given by Jesus of Nazareth in the prayer He taught His disciples, and in the 5-step affirmative prayer technique created by Ernest Holmes, we will learn to co-create the life of our deepest heart’s desire - that we may be free and fulfilled, and that we may help and inspire others.

Series Overview:

Module 0 - Kick-off Event!

Module 1 - Recognizing One Source of All Good

Module 2 - Thy Kingdom Come

Module 3 - I Speak My Word

Module 4 - I Give Thanks

Module 5 - I Release and I Trust God

Module 6 - I Celebrate My Good

What If It All Goes RIGHT?

Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZBEuOG2QCI&list=PLunO1Uh1MYCGdyznlMD0m0wH-C_8PBYNI&index=1

Master your mindset by using your imagination to direct your thoughts and feelings in positive ways. Create a life you love by aligning what you think and feel with inspired action. This 6-part video-based small group series is based on the book What If It All Goes RIGHT? Creating a New World of Peace, Prosperity & Possibility by Mendhi Audlin.

Series Overview:

Module 0 - Kick Off Event!

Module 1 - Mastering Your Inner Game

Module 2 - Awakening Your Inner Guidance

Module 3 - Exploring the Paradox of Non Attachment

Module 4 - Creating a Reality You Love

Module 5 - Practicing the What If UP Mastermind

Module 6 - Experiencing a Global Convergence

I don’t see a group meeting at my preferred day/time?

Our groups are led by volunteers and meet at times selected by the volunteer hosts. If you don’t see a group at the right time for your schedule, consider hosting or co-hosting a group. This may be your call from Spirit to lead!

What does a host do?

We’re so glad you asked! Being a SpiritGroup host is fun and rewarding!  A curriculum video library is available to provide the spiritual study component. Each curriculum includes weekly discussion guides and host videos. Essentially, the host’s role is to create a safe and sacred container for connection and discussion. The other main responsibility of the host is to determine the day and time that your group will meet using the Zoom virtual meeting platform to show videos and facilitate discussion. If you’re interested in finding out more about being a host, please contact Lisa Ensley, SpiritGroups program coordinator for more information at lisaensleyucohsg@gmail.com.