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SpiritGroups — A Place to Get Connected!

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What’s a SpiritGroup?

A virtual small group of spiritual explorers coming together for connection and an opportunity to deepen the spiritual path with companions on the journey. The groups meet weekly for a 7-week cycle of finding community, interaction, purpose, growth, and fun while exploring a spiritual topic.

When and where do SpiritGroups meet?

SpiritGroups cycle meets weekly. Meeting virtually on Zoom and some in-person. Sessions are typically 90 minutes long and include prayer and/or meditation, exploration of a spiritual theme, and group discussion.

What are the available meeting times?

Unity Church of Hawaii — Spring 2023


Topic: Dreamscaping

Mondays, 6-8 pm on Zoom with Rev. Margie Hyatt

Our natural dream state is a phenomenally creative, illuminating, and evocative phase of our consciousness. And it’s all happening while we are asleep!  Or, is it?  Must it? Fluency in the language of your dreams can be readily mastered by shifting dream processes from the sleeping dream state to a conscious and awake process of summoning the subconscious reservoir to be at your command.  Become the engaging designer of, rather than the sleeping recipient of your dream power through active, imaginal participation in fully awake, conscious dreaming.


Book: Divine Audacity by Linda Martella-Whitsett

Tuesdays, 4-5:30 pm on Zoom with Cindy Hensley, RScP

We truly find God when we go inside to connect with divine light, realize our oneness with God and others, and let our light shine in the world. Martella-Whitsett looks at what "divine light" is and how it is both audacious and normal to claim it for ourselves. Next she introduces us to 12 spiritual powers we can all develop and learn to use on a daily basis: faith, understanding, will, imagination, zeal power, love, wisdom, strength, order, release, and life itself. When we consciously shine our spiritual powers on ourselves, not only are our lives improved, but all of humanity can be enriched and transformed.


Topic: A Deeper Dive

Wednesday, 5 pm with Rev. Tim Lytle on Zoom

Explore the previous Sunday sermon through extended discussion questions and sharing, taking you deeper into the lessons and practices of the recent Sunday message.


Book: Exploring Your Soul’s Quest with author Marcia Zina Majer

Thursdays, 4:30-6:00 pm @ home of Sondra Dockham-Leong & Rodney Leong, 3772 Diamond Head Circle, and Online

Explore your own life journey through reading and discussing QUEST, an illustrated novel by Marcia Zina Mager about a man's transformational adventure into Nature and himself. In this modern parable Allan Quinn Fitzpatrick, a failed writer and middle-aged bachelor, can’t seem to find love or happiness. When he encounters a fantastical creature in New York City’s Central Park, he’s convinced he’s lost his mind. But when he loses his job and finds a mysterious one-way ticket to Ireland he grudgingly embarks on an extraordinary adventure—one that leads him deep into the unseen, mystical realm of nature. What he discovers changes everything, forcing him to make a powerful decision: Will he retreat back into what’s safe and familiar or embrace a profound new way to see nature, the world, and most importantly himself? Everyone who participates will receive their own copy of QUEST.


Topic: The Power of Forgiveness

Saturday 2:30-4:30 pm with Rev. Leavitt and Diana Thomas on Zoom

On our life's journey we make many decisions that lead us into thinking, speaking, and behaving in ways that are loving and kind; and in ways that are not. The Power of Forgiveness allows us to become whole and free to be who we have come here to be. Many of us don’t know how to do this. With the book, Your Path to REACH Forgiveness, by Everett L. Worthington, Jr., PhD, we’ll discover our Power of Forgiveness!

What does a host do?

We’re so glad you asked! Being a SpiritGroup host is fun and rewarding!  A curriculum video library is available to provide the spiritual study component. Each curriculum includes weekly discussion guides and host videos. Essentially, the host’s role is to create a safe and sacred container for connection and discussion. The other main responsibility of the host is to determine the day and time that your group will meet using the Zoom virtual meeting platform to show videos and facilitate discussion.

Contact Rev. Margie, for more info and to register for a SpiritGroup.