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SpiritGroups — A Place to Get Connected!

New groups beginning the week of April 22, 2024.

What’s a SpiritGroup?

A virtual small group of spiritual explorers coming together for connection and an opportunity to deepen the spiritual path with companions on the journey. The groups meet weekly for a 7-week cycle of finding community, interaction, purpose, growth, and fun while exploring a spiritual topic.

When and where do SpiritGroups meet?

SpiritGroups cycle meets weekly. Meeting virtually on Zoom for this Spring 2024 session. Meetings are typically 90 minutes long and include prayer and/or meditation, exploration of a spiritual theme, and group discussion.


Unity Church of Hawaii — Spring 2024

Topic:  Spiritual Practice: Whole Life Visioning

Mondays, 4 - 5:30pm, April 22 - June 3, with Cindy Hensley, RScP

“Our experience is the logical outcome of our inner vision...” — Ernest Holmes, Can We Talk To God?
Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith of Agape International refined the centuries-old custom of vision-casting into a modern spiritual practice. The idea is to allow God to give us direction and information through the intuition of our “higher wisdom self.” We achieve a light meditative state and ask questions of the Divine. We allow Spirit to answer the questions through the images, ideas, words, symbols and other information that spontaneously come to us. Everyone is invited the only prerequisite is: A Desire to Deeply Listen…With an Open Heart.

WeSpace: Whole-Body Mystical Awakening Practice

Tuesdays, Apr 23 - June 4, 6 - 7:30pm, with Rev. Tim Lytle

What is WeSpace? A WeSpace group is a way to experience practical mysticism together as a group; it is not just an individual experience, but a collective experience. WeSpace involves three components: a time of sharing from our spiritual journey; a time of embodied meditation where we experience the Divine from four centers in ourselves; and a time of resonating prayer where we hold each other in Divine space. It builds relationships; it expands our own direct experience of the Divine individually and collectively; and we learn to practice our gifts in ministering to one another.

Bible Study

Thursdays, Apr 4 and 11, 6 - 7:30pm with Rev. Tim Lytle

A number of people have said to me in one way or another, “Rev. Tim, I have never heard the Bible explained in this way before. I want to learn more.” This gathering is intended to address that need. Would you like to understand more of how to apply Scripture to everyday life? To inform spiritual, mystical and metaphysical understanding? Would you like to develop tools in how to explore and understand Scripture? Then this gathering is for you!

We will engage in discussion around the context and meaning of Scripture looking at the original languages, sources and culture of Scripture. We will start with a particular book of the Bible (the Bible is actually a library of many different books), in this current case, the Gospel of John.

Two sessions are intended to gauge interest. Ongoing days/times will be explored

Metaphysical Healing

Wednesdays, May 1 - June 19, 11 am - 12:30pm, with Rev. Johanna Kelly Hybrid, in-person (Garden Room) and on Zoom. $20 fee for class materials.

This series of classes is for the individual who is facing challenges of all kinds and is looking to get to and eliminate the root causes. This is not a class to dip your toes into; rather, will require the attendee to fully immerse themselves in the process. Several different healing modalities will be taught and integrated into the healing process, as each class builds on the previous. You. your life, and your well-being are worth this investment.

Heart Cards Soul Play

Friday, April 26 - June 14, 2:00 - 3:30pm, with June Dillinger, LUT

“Let the Heart lead and miracles can happen”
Join June for an exploration of your own heart’s wisdom revealed through a deck of 51 cards, each with an affirmative word and gentle affirmation statement created to lead you to heart-opening awareness. Bequeathed a “project” of the Heart Cards developed by JR Coleman, June took up the call to “make love visible” through this tool that opens a window to self-reflection, inner guidance, awakening creativity, and more. Draw a card each day and reflect; consider writing it down, journaling your thoughts; then gather each week with June and share the journey of revealing your own heart’s wisdom. Let ease and grace flow from your heart to your finger tips as you discover what’s in the cards for you. Participants will receive a discount price on their own personal deck of cards @ $15.

Contact Rev. Margie, for more info and to register for a SpiritGroup.