Recently, there has been an influx of questions regarding where we are at as a spiritual community in the transition process.  To help answer your questions and to ensure each member receives current information regarding the process, we've created this page.

Before we can proceed with the minister search process, we must complete certain requirements given by Unity Worldwide Ministries as well as take an introspective look at what has occurred in our community.  We've officially begun the work and this introspective look has brought about opportunities for growth and transformation, equipping both the leaders and the membership with valuable interpersonal communication skills and tools as well as uncovering some major flaws in the current ministry model that we operate under.

Our current ministry model is over 400 years old and is what we call, "minister-centric", and produces unintended consequences.  Under the current model, the minister is typically the person where responsibility for the successes or shortcomings of a spiritual community falls. The videos below will take you on a journey through understanding why minister-centric ministry is unsustainable, especially in these times, and what we at Unity Church of Hawai'i are headed towards in this new paradigm of being "mission-centric".  You'll be astonished by what can be realized when we study the impact of the comings and goings of ministers over time and how this shift in ministry can be exactly what we need in moving forward as a transformative, vibrant, and sustainable mission-centric spiritual community. The minister’s role shifts from being the primary care giver of the family system, to being a spiritual director and coach. The board’s role shifts from protectorship to partnership. The community of governing members’ role move from being the flock to become owner / partners in a spiritual cooperative. The emotional and spiritual maturity of the mission-centric ministry practice is integral to the process of transitioning out of the minister-centric practice.

This process takes time and is heavily dependent on the willingness of both the leadership and the membership to make this conscious shift.  To assist us in this process, we've partnered with Unity Minister, Dr. Gary Simmons.  His fresh and dynamic approach to mission-centric ministry is blazing the way forward around the Unity movement and re-focusing ministries on what's truly important--God and the mission to fulfill our purpose as a spiritual community.

If after viewing all five videos, you have additional questions regarding the process,  use the form below the videos to receive answers from UCoH leadership.

The Inconvenient Truth About Minister-centric Ministry Part 1

The Inconvenient Truth About Minister-centric Ministry Part 4

The Inconvenient Truth About Minister-centric Ministry Part 2

What is Mission-Centric Ministry?


The Inconvenient Truth About Minister-centric Ministry Part 3

More available below on Dr. Gary Simmons Website (CLICK PIC BELOW)