As we begin the Advent season, we explore the qualities of Hope and Faith. The ancient Israelites lived in hope, the anticipation of some good in the future, for the fulfillment of the Messiah prophecy. The Wise Men traveled in hope to discover the light of the guiding star. We live in expectation and anticipation of what will come next in our own adventures of life. Faith is the anchor that moves us from anticipation to a knowing that good is already present in field of God. Hope is optimism for the future; Faith is the holy and creative energy of now as we move toward the birth of The Christ within.

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This Sunday, stay home or attend in person. At home, connect with us at 10 AM (HST) through the Live Stream that we'll broadcast on two different platforms:  1. Youtube (for those that desire moderate connection by commenting with others online as the service happens live); 2. Facebook. (for those that desire a deep sense of connection with an even more interactive experience as we stream live, join us on our Facebook Watch Party).