Sunday service is LIVESTREAM ONLY.  Click HERE to go to Livestream page. Click HERE for updated information regarding ministry update about the Coronavirus.

As we journey the wilderness, a source of courage in the face of our singular stand in authentic truth is the underlying knowing, confidence in the fact of our inter-relatedness, our shared human experience. Now, in the midst of these most interesting times, more than ever, we draw strength from our awareness that we are deeply connected to one another. And deeply connected to the Source of our being, the infinite, living, loving essence of God. This Sunday we explore the interconnectedness of life.

Our staff, Music Team, and Minister will be on campus to bring to you a full worship service!  Stay home and connect with us at 10 AM (HST) through our Live Stream that we'll broadcast on three different platforms: 1. Website  (for those that would like to view live with no interaction with others online);  2. Youtube (for those that desire moderate connection by commenting with others online as the service happens live); 3. Facebook. (for those that desire a deep sense of connection with an even more interactive experience as we stream live, join us on our Facebook Watch Party).

Join in on our Book Study of Adventures in Spirituality.  Grab a book and Study Guide and join along online or on your own.


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