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12 Powers: Zeal

Excerpt from The Twelve Powers of Man, Charles Fillmore

October 2019 THE EGO, the free, the imperishable and unchangeable essence of Spirit, which man is, chooses every state of consciousness and every condition in which it functions. It does not create the basic substances that enter into these mental structures, for these substances have been provided from the beginning, but it gives form and character to them in consciousness, as men build houses of lumber, stone, or whatever material they may choose in the manifest.

These mental states are all constructed under the dynamic power of the great universal impulse that lies back of all action—enthusiasm or zeal, is the mighty force that incites the winds, the tides, the storms; it urges the... Read more about the Power of Zeal HERE in Chapter Eleven (located on page 65 in the PDF browser or page 129 as identified on the bottom of the text page) in The Twelve Powers of Man.

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